Android App for Minecraft Server List

I am pleased to announce the release of the first Free Minecraft Server List application for Android smartphones – this is the first app on Android market of it’s kind.

Minecraft Servers Android App

Browse the servers we have on the website in real-time and make advanced search to filter the amount of results – this will improve the chance you to find a good server fast.

In this first version you can only view content, but we have plans to add options to add/edit servers directly through the app.

minecraft servers app screenshot 1minecraft servers app screenshot 3minecraft servers app screenshot 4minecraft servers app screenshot 5

Functionality in version 1.0.0

  • Browse Top Servers
  • Browse Newest Servers
  • Advanced Search (works like the Minecraft search filter on this website)
  • How to join a server (guide)
  • About us (contact and about/terms pages)
  • Individual server info pages.

When the app is working exactly like we want it and incorporated the potential suggestions you guys have, it will also be deployed on other devices and platforms. (iOS, Blackberry, WebOS, Windows phone, and Symbian)

So I urge you to go download the free application now – test it out, rate it and give us any suggestions you might have – together we can make a really useful application that is useful for serverowners and players.

Download Minecraft Server List Android App

QR minecraft server list android app

16 thoughts on “Android App for Minecraft Server List

  1. Hoho, it works great — using it right now on my Samsung. Thank you very much for all the work you put into the site, I will donate soon again for sure!

      • You can’t say one is better than the other. It all comes down to the what the user prefers, and needs. Android is OpenSource thus you’re not limited by the OS the same way as you are in iOS, but on the other hand, Android has a slightly more complex user-interface than the iOS.

        Everyone has a different taste, thus you can’t speak on behalf of everyone – which you kinda do through that comment.

  2. “Nice touch to the smartphone, Do you think you could do the same method with a Nintendo-3Ds?”

    Due to the fact that the Nintendo 3Ds does not run an OS in the sense that both Android and iOS devices do, it makes this much more complicated. If you can connect to the internet from your device, I would suggest just visiting the site via that route. Hope this helps!

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