How to change MOTD on your Server

This is a small instruction to change your MOTD (Message of the day) of your server. uses the MOTD to verify ownership of a server, if an owner wants to change ownership of a listing on this website.

  • Open the file file with a simple text editor link Notepad
  • Change the line that starts with motd= to what you want it to say.
  • Save the file
  • Reload / restart the server to catch the new value

If you are doing this to Verify Ownership of a Minecraft Server that is listed on this website, make sure to change the MOTD to the following:

  • motd=Username owns this MC Server

Replace Username with your login name on this website – not your Minecraft username!.
It is also important that you make the rest of the link exactly like shown above – do not leave out any part of the sentance.

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