How to Port Forward - Minecraft Server Guide

One of the typical problems for people when creating a Minecraft Server from your home-pc, is to make the actual server available over internet (public or semi-public). In normal situations you are protected by your Router that have most Ports closed.

When you have a server running and want people to join from outside your personal network, a Port needs to be opened on the Router.

In most cases it is the Port 25565 you need to open. To do this you will need to login to your Router and open the port manually OR use a tool to make this change automaticly for you. A known place to find guides and program to make this fix can be found at – most known routers are added to this tool.

Actual steps to Port Forward Minecraft – how to open the correct port:

  1. Open a Port forwarding tool like PFConfig.
  2. Make a new portforwarding rule – name is so you can remember it for later ‘minecraftserver’.
    Forward the Port 25565 for TCP or UDP/TCP.
  3. You will also need to have an IP address to bind the port to – if you do not known your IP, follow these steps:
    Run the command prompt (cmd) and enter ‘ipconfig‘.
    Locate the IPv4 address of your network interface and enter it into the ‘To IP Address’ box.
  4. Click the ‘Enabled’ checkbox, and  ‘Save Settings’.

Now your Router should have opened the correct Port and people from outside will be able to connect to the server.

If you do not know your Server IP, then Google “what is my ip” and you can find it that way. Give that IP to your friends.

Remember: If you do not use the standard port 25565, you will need to add it to the IP address when connecting to the game. Eg. 392.321.321.421:25555

Is my port open? How to check it.

If you are unsure if your Port in open, you can use the PFPortCheck Program.


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