LWC Plugin - Lightweight Chest Protection

One of the coolest chest protection plugins. It is also really easy to install! Just place LWC.jar into your plugins folder and restart your server!

There can be many different types of protections made: public, password, private (user or group)

Items that can be protected: chests, dispensers, furnaces, doors, signs, trap doors. You can protect almost anything else, by customizing the protections!

Public protection commands/info:

/cpublic: creates a public protection. Everyone can access the protection, although cannot edit/remove the protection. For ex: people can access the chest but cannot remove or add a protection.
/cpassword: creates a password protected protections with the entered password. Anyone who has access to this password you have entered can access the protection. Entering the password is a onetime only command.
/cremove: This command remove a protection that YOU have made. You will not be able to remove a protection that has not been registered to you.

Private Protection commands/info:

/cprivate: This is the command that most players use. Just type in this command and punch the block you want protected. You will only need to punch a 2wide chest once and it will protect the whole chest. You can also add other people to this protection with this command: /cprivate
For ex. /cprivate pvprules1 pvprules2 pvprules3. Each user is separated by a SPACE!

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3 thoughts on “LWC Plugin - Lightweight Chest Protection

  1. How do you protect an area yet still allow access to the public to chests? (Such as giving away free stuff but not wanting your land griefed)? Also would it allow access to inside the chests to take and give but not destroy the chest?

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