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Ok, I have been getting this question so many times. Let’s make a post about it.

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How do you get a great webste for your Minecraft Server / community?

Many are in doubt about how to get a good and easy website for their Minecraft Server – some go with their own custom developed website, others use a CMS like WordPress to make a blog – but most server owners go with a system that is made specific for Minecraft Servers – the most popular system out there is Enjin. A custom build system where you can get a professional looking website very easy – and it has built in functions that is made by request of thousands of other Enjin website owners.

Some of the features on Enjin:

  • Your own dedicated website
  • Forum
  • Mumble server
  • Statistics
  • Donation system incl. tracking
  • Sell / upgrade ranks
  • Customize themes
  • Event manager & Gallery
  • and more – get started in 30 seconds will also recommend Enjin if you are looking for a system that works and with ease and can be customized after your desire with a few clicks.

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  1. hey, I have this problem where none of my friends can use my external link for my server. If anyone can help, please reply,

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