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WorldEdit is an amazing tool for both single player and multiplayer gameplay in Minecraft, that lets you modify your world exactly how you want it.

Below you can find more information about the setup and commands.

WorldEdit – The Basics

To aquire the tool needed for WorldEditing type //wand
This will give you the world editing tool, which by default is a wooden axe.

To select an area, left click a block in front of you to select your first position.
Then right click another block of your choice to make your second postion. This makes an area.

If you’re flying and have no block to click because you’re making a platform in the sky, simply type //pos1 for the first position and fly to your next location and type //pos2

The set command allows you to set a selected area to a particular block for example
//set 4 would set the area with Cobblestone as 4 is Cobblestone ID.

Expand is useful when you want to make your area a bit bigger without reselecting the area.
For example //expand 10 will expand the area 10 blocks in the direction you are facing.
If you so wish, you can choose directions for the expand to go in. //expand 10 east will expand the area 10 to the east. Directions to choose from are: north, east, south, west, up, down

Size is useful for letting you know the size of your selected area.

This will create walls all around your region with the block of your choice!

This will create walls, ceiling and floors for your selected area. To do this, make a tower however high you want your home to be. Once you’ve make a small tower left click the highest point on the tower, then right click on the floor on the oposite side of your area. If you wanted a dirt house (Not sure why you’d want one of those >_>) you’d now type //outline 4

Regen is a useful tool if you have a large area of abandoned mess and griefed area that you want restored to it’s natural beauty.
Select the area (the normal way) Here you can even incorporate the //expand or the //pos commands if there’s an area you cannot click on.
Once you’ve selected the area type //regen and it will regen the area. Bear in mind regenning huge areas can cause small lag spikes.

This places blocks ontop of blocks in a selected area. Just select as usual and if you wanted a nice grassy finish on top of your newly flattened area, type //overlay 2 This would cover the selected area in a 1 high grassy area!

Copy does what it says it does. It copies your selected region.

Allows your to save your copied region to a filename of your choice.

//load filename
Loads the schematic of a saved file.

Paste pastes whatever you have copied or if you’ve loaded a schematic.

This rotates whatever is currently copied. If you want to copy something and place it behind you, you’d type in the appropriate degrees which would be 180. So //rotate 180. Then feel free to use the paste command!

As we all make mistakes, //undo is very important! It just undos your last action. Helpful if you’ve pasted something wrong! 🙂

Redo redoes your undo if you changed your mind.

Making Stuff!

Stack is useful if you’re building long roads or walls with decorations on them and you can’t be bothered to make more!
It’s basically a repeater tool. Select your area as normal. (Left click the highest point, right click the lowest).
Once you’ve selected the area, type (for example) //stack 10 west This would copy your selection 10 times in a westerly direction.

This allows you to create hollow cylinders. Perfect for castle towers! To make a cobble stone tower for example you’d need //hcyl 4 8 25 This means you created a cobblestone tower (4) with a radius of 8 and 25 blocks high!

This command is basically the same as the above one except it creates a solid cylinder as opposed to a hollow one.

//hsphere [raised](optional)
This commands allows you to make spheres. Hsphere makes a hollow one! To create a glass one for example, you’d type //hsphere 20 6 5 This command gives you a glass (20) hollow sphere, with a radius of 6 and raised 5 blocks above where you were standing!
You don’t have to use the “raised” option. This is there if you want it in the air.

//sphere [raised](optional)
This command is the same as above except it creates solid spheres as opposed to hollow ones.

Forestgen is nice for creating quick forests when the previous one has been chopped down or if you just want a forest! 😀
Size will be the radius around you from where you’re standing, type is the type of tree and density is how thick the forest will be.
So if you wanted a smallish area try /forestgen 10 birch 5 This would make a 10 block radiusin all directions from where your standing into a birch forest with a density of 5. Don’t go too high with the density, it’ll just create a mass of wood and if you’re not
in “godmode” you may die from “suffocation”.
Available tree types are: tree, regular, big, bigtree, redwood, sequoia, tallredwood, tallsequoia, birch, white, whitebark, pine, randredwood, randomredwood, anyredwood, rand, random

This creates pumpkin patches. Size will be the radius of blocks around you where it will generate the patches.
So /pumpkins 10 will create a random amount of patches in a 10 block radius in all directions.

Using this command will allow the item you’re holding to become a tree making tool! It will not bind to a block so if you wish to make a tree tool use a non placable item like bonemeal or an ingot to temporarily bind your tool too. Hold your bonemeal (example) type /tree birch and this will make your bonemeal in your hand your new birch tree tool.
Now simply right click the floor in front of you and watch the magic as a tree appears! ^^

This works in the same way as the tree tool. Bind it to a non placable item. We’ll use bonemeal again for the example.
If you wanted to add some glowstone to your floor but you don’t have any… Hold your bonemeal in your hand and type //repl 89 this will bind the bonemeal to your new replacer tool. Now right click on the floor or wherever you choose and add the glowstone! ^^

This unbinds the bonemeal tool and makes it just regular bonemeal again!

This allows you to cover a radius of your choice in the pretty white stuff! Perfect for christmas!

This allows you to remove snow from the radius of your choice! No snow? Bah Humbug!

Fixing Stuff!

This will drain nearby water/lava. Helpful to undo greif damage, or if you want to remove pesky annoying lava in your way!

This will level nearby water and make it stop flowing. Helpful if someone has dug into land and now the water from the ocean is flowing and not looking neat!

Same as above just for lava instead. 🙂

This extinguishes fires! Phew!

This kills all mobs within your chosen radius.

This removes dropped entites on the map which can sometimes be the cause of lag. You can choose from the following:
arrows, items paintings, boats, minecarts, tnt, xp. If you choose “items”, bear in mind that that means every dropped item will be removed within your selected radius. If you wish to clear the WHOLE map of dropped items type /remove items -1 the -1 covers the whole map.

This fills in holes that have appeared or been exposed do to creepers. To fill a hole back in with dirt for example type //fill 3 5 6 with 3 being the ID for dirt, 5 being the radius and 6 being the depth.

This command enables Superpick! Allowing you to 1 hit blocks regardly of their type. This includes bedrock so be careful not to open the void.
To disable it, simply type // and it will turn off.

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