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Morrison CRAFT
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Morrison Craft comes to you with a unique adventure! Enriched with the ideas of professional engineers, we focus on bringing our players a fully protected survival to dig, mine, and build with other friends around the world. What makes us so different is that were planning to keep our map for a long time [been 2 years already]. We even have 3 map choices each being 6000 x 6000 blocks wide.

We proudly utilize a well-designed Command Block engine to give life to the best game mechanics out there in the MC universe. With our custom chat commands and our dedicated Admins, mind-blowing VANILLA features have been invented here to spice up your gameplay:

► [Economy] - Well-balanced server shop containing necessary resources.
► [Minigames] - Mazes, SkyWars, KitPVP and more.
► [Protection] - New home protection system with Shulker eggs.
► [SetHome] - Set up to 3 Homes by clicking buttons in a book.
► [Tpa] - Tpa to any player by typing: tpa [name] without /.
► [Pay] - Pay cash to any player by typing: pay [name] [amount] without /.
► [Quests] Complete these for Tier V enchanted armor/tool rewards.
And more...

Two Rules
► Refrain from raiding, hacking, spamming, griefing, cursing, pestering, cheating, lying, and advertising.
► Cut trees fully. Please.

Three Map Choices:
► NormLand: Uses the Default map generator
► AmpLand: Uses the Amplified map generator
► MegaLand: Handmade beautiful landscape perfect for professional builders to showcase creations. Credits to Sabbas Apterra

Nine Ranks:
► 1 Owner - 1stDestroyer friendly guy always willing to help
► 2 Admins - KaidenP, Ozek, SuperAnimeBoi, Tebone113
► 3 Mods - Super_Red, AngryJellyBean
► 4 Helpers - NeonWolfCub
► 5 Legend 5+ players
► 6 Elite 0 players
► 7 Veteran 15+ players
► 8 Member 70+ players
► 9 Guest 250+ players

► Website -
► Facebook -
► Owners Skype - [email protected]

[Warning] - When you first join you wont even believe its 100 percent vanilla, but we guarantee there are zero plugins!