Minecraft No Whitelist Servers

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This is page 6 of the open servers on the list. Want to join a server without a whitelist protection? Well here they are :)
Whitelist is often used by server owners to protect the server from random people - with a whitelist enabled, players need to be approved before they can join.

Some servers do like to have it totally open for all - good way to play here and now without any obligations.

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Server name & Description IP Address & Port


°º¤ø,¸ - PsykoCraft - ¸,ø¤º° | 5+ Gamemodes!

Welcome to PsykoCraft. Were all about our community and just trying to run the best Minecraft server out there. Come check out our well customized gamemodes and chat it up
Version: 1.11 Survival Creative Lucky Block Skyblock Factions Hunger Games McMMO Survival Games MiniGames Prison PVE PVP Economy


Players: 178 / 1000
Votes (January): 791
Votes (all time): 4421

Minecraft Server icon for StoneLand



Servidor no-premium de Minecraft de habla hispana. ¡Únete! Servidor no-premium de Minecraft de habla hispana. ¡Únete! IP: mc.stoneland.es IP: mc.stoneland.es
Version: 1.11 Survival Skyblock MiniGames PVE PVP Economy


Players: 74 / 500
Votes (January): 790
Votes (all time): 5222

Minecraft Server icon for The TeamTC Server - ThnxCyas Official Server


The TeamTC Server - ThnxCyas Official Server

The TeamTC Server - ThnxCyas Official Server

ThnxCyas Official Minecraft Server On the TeamTC Server you have a number of fun Gamemode options! You can play on one of our many servers such as Survival, Creative, and
Version: 1.11 Survival Land Claim Skyblock McMMO MiniGames RP Economy Video


Players: 3 / 500
Votes (January): 787
Votes (all time): 787


The Fresh Ministry

The Fresh Ministry

Drop off your gold with George, have a chat with James about making an investment, use your quizzing knowledge to win 1,000,000, or maybe try and slip past the bouncer in the
Version: 1.11 Survival Land Claim McMMO RP Economy Video


Players: 15 / 100
Votes (January): 782
Votes (all time): 3117


Evolvecraft Gaming Network

Evolvecraft Gaming Network

Hey guys, thanks for checking us out. We are a pretty big server with an ever growing communtiy. If you guys have any questions or need any help, please dont be afraid t
Version: 1.11 Survival Land Claim Pixelmon PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 50 / 1000
Votes (January): 781
Votes (all time): 7168

Minecraft Server icon for InstaMC




RPG,Factions, Pixelmon, Survival, Mini games Únicos, Conheça nossa NetWork Conheça nossos servidores, Faça Amigos, se divirta minecraft pirata ou original, versão 1.7 o
Version: 1.11 Survival Factions MiniGames Pixelmon RP


Players: / ?
Votes (January): 775
Votes (all time): 6178

Minecraft Server icon for FightCraft



Servidor FightCRAFT : Full PvP, mobspawners, itens god, rankup, eventos diarios, cash, vips, minas, arenas, fps, sem lag, FightCRAFT, FightCRAFT, FightCRAFT, FightCRAFT
Version: 1.8.8 Survival Hunger Games MiniGames PVP Economy Video

Players: / 110
Votes (January): 769
Votes (all time): 1968

Minecraft Server icon for Bandit Prison - OP PRISON SERVER


Bandit Prison - OP PRISON SERVER

Bandit Prison - OP PRISON SERVER

BanditPrison is a OP prison server filled with lots of customization for each and every player to be able to earn all ranks whether or not they donate or not. Bandit Prison o
Version: 1.8.8 Land Claim Prison PVP Economy


Players: 33 / 250
Votes (January): 766
Votes (all time): 6557

Minecraft Server icon for ✯ Shadow Kingdom Creative ✯


✯ Shadow Kingdom Creative ✯

✯ Shadow Kingdom Creative ✯

Shadow Kingdom is a creative server, dedicated to building and allowing players to unleash their innovative designs. We work hard to ensure top-quality gameplay. Our Plot wor
Version: 1.11 Creative MiniGames


Players: 26 / 1
Votes (January): 758
Votes (all time): 10209

Minecraft Server icon for PPMC - Pixelmon Network


PPMC - Pixelmon Network

PPMC - Pixelmon Network

[PIXELMON MOD]PPMC is one of the few pixelmon hub servers. We offer the following Pixelmon servers. 1st Region: Kanto Adventure, 2nd Region: Johto Adventure, Pixelmon Surviva
Version: 1.8 Survival Adventure McMMO Pixelmon RP Economy


Players: 12 / 500
Votes (January): 750
Votes (all time): 163818

Minecraft Server icon for PokeRivals



Pixelmon Version: [3.5.1] Server IP: Play.PokeRivals.com PokeRivals is a brand new, and is very unique and custom. We have hired several dedicated staff members that are
Version: 1.7.10 Survival Pixelmon


Players: 3 / 120
Votes (January): 746
Votes (all time): 13595


Strictly Vanilla

Strictly Vanilla

100 Percent Vanilla MineCraft We do use command blocks for certain things but we do not use any command block mods such as: |Home|SetHome|TPA|Anti-Cheat/Hack/Fly|Clear-Lag/
Version: 1.11 Vanilla Video


Players: 30 / 50
Votes (January): 740
Votes (all time): 740

Minecraft Server icon for One Peace 1.9


One Peace 1.9

One Peace 1.9

Team Speak: ts.onepeace.net Looking for a well organized, fun environment to play Minecraft Look no further! We have what you need to keep you entertained, challenged and sa
Version: 1.11 Survival Creative Land Claim Hunger Games McMMO Survival Games MiniGames PVE PVP Economy


Players: 28 / 100
Votes (January): 735
Votes (all time): 14958

Minecraft Server icon for Valcrest




➣ ➣ ➣ ➣ ➣ ➣ MCMMO | Highly Immersive Towny Server | 70+ Play-To-Win Ranks Valcrest is a fun, friendly, competitive, and a highly immersive Towny-Civilization S
Version: 1.11 Survival Land Claim CTF McMMO PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 19 / 1000
Votes (January): 734
Votes (all time): 16427

Minecraft Server icon for Vanilla High


Vanilla High

Vanilla High

FRESH NEW MAP Vanilla High, your build-focused/community-oriented Vanilla server. We dont allow griefing/raiding and unwarranted PvP. Keep Inventory is enabled to help playe
Version: 1.11 Survival Vanilla PVE


Players: 60 / 60
Votes (January): 724
Votes (all time): 18278

Minecraft Server icon for MegaCraft Network


MegaCraft Network

MegaCraft Network

WELCOME TO MEGACRAFT! | IP: play.mc-mega.com | Join our amazing server and community to enjoy the best of CREATIVE SKYBLOCK and various CUSTOM MINIGAMES! FEATURES: Cr
Version: 1.11 Survival Creative Skyblock McMMO Survival Games MiniGames RP Economy Video


Players: 90 / 300
Votes (January): 722
Votes (all time): 16275

Minecraft Server icon for OhGaming Modded Minecraft Network


OhGaming Modded Minecraft Network

OhGaming Modded Minecraft Network

How to Join: http://ohgaming.org/join-our-minecraft/ View all our modpacks here - http://technicpack.net/profile/267239/modpacks Thank you for choosing OhGaming as your
Version: 1.8 Survival Land Claim Tekkit Pixelmon PVP RP Economy


Players: 29 / 30
Votes (January): 720
Votes (all time): 137468

Minecraft Server icon for Outsider




Founded January 15, 2015. Survival Server. Welcome to Outsider. Outsider is a hard server to write a summary for, To be completely honest because there is no way to
Version: 1.11 Survival Land Claim PVE Economy Video


Players: 25 / 180
Votes (January): 719
Votes (all time): 30263




Welcome to RSAcraft! Anyone from anywhere is free to join us for a nice feature packed Minecraft session. Our community is very laid back and respectful towards each othe
Version: 1.11 Survival Skyblock Factions McMMO MiniGames PVP Economy


Players: 9 / 500
Votes (January): 718
Votes (all time): 12603

Minecraft Server icon for Atlantic Network


Atlantic Network

Atlantic Network

AtlanticNetwork is a Minecraft community for everyone! Our goal is to provide a variety of gametypes that are unique and fun to play! We are constantly innovating, adding and
Version: 1.11 Survival Land Claim Skyblock McMMO KitPvP PVE PVP Economy Video


Players: 113 / 700
Votes (January): 698
Votes (all time): 10463

Minecraft Server icon for Vikingspvp 1.8.x Pirata e original


Vikingspvp 1.8.x Pirata e original

Servidor de prison com tema medieval vikings x piratas , votos, rankup, celas, eventos, pvp, itens edit,evento drop,plots para vips e freemans,skysurvival, loja etc..
Version: 1.11 McMMO Prison PVP RP


Players: 41 / 300
Votes (January): 694
Votes (all time): 5463




Welcome to Sky-Block.com A Survival server on a Island by Yourself or with Friends where you try to Expand and Build it much larger than you started with and Complete Ch
Version: 1.11 Survival Skyblock PVP Economy


Players: 17 / 150
Votes (January): 693
Votes (all time): 7624

Minecraft Server icon for FTB Direwolf20 1.7.10 by CraftersLand


FTB Direwolf20 1.7.10 by CraftersLand

FTB Direwolf20 1.7.10 by CraftersLand

░░░ Website: www.craftersland.net | Forum: forum.craftersland.net ░░░ ✔ Server address: ftb.craftersland.net ░░░░░░ Server Info: ░░░░
Version: 1.7.10 Survival Tekkit PVE PVP Economy Video


Players: 68 / 260
Votes (January): 688
Votes (all time): 17585

Minecraft Server icon for LitPvP




When we do a factions server, we understand every aspect that plays a part in creating a wonderful experience for the player. Our development team has over 5+ years in minecr
Version: 1.8.8 Survival Factions PVP Economy


Players: 51 / 250
Votes (January): 683
Votes (all time): 25712

Minecraft Server icon for MysticRunes MMORPG


MysticRunes MMORPG

MysticRunes MMORPG

MysticRunes is an upcoming unique Minecraft MMORPG Server. Complete quests, fight against dangerous mobs and bosses or complete random generated dungeons. Choose your class,
Version: 1.11 PVE PVP RP Video


Players: 15 / 100
Votes (January): 682
Votes (all time): 4672

Minecraft Server icon for StrongCraftOrg




Survival, SkyBlock, Factions, Creative and more - 24/7, LAG-FREE with kits and awesome plugins such as Trading, GriefPrevention, mcMMO, SkyBlock and much more.
Version: 1.11 Survival Skyblock Factions McMMO RP Economy


Players: 30 / 300
Votes (January): 680
Votes (all time): 5122

Minecraft Server icon for Towny Realms


Towny Realms

Towny Realms

Were a growing Towny server trying to become the best one out there, but we cant do that without you! Were constantly working on improving the server, getting more users and
Version: Spigot 1.10 Survival McMMO PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 11 / 56
Votes (January): 672
Votes (all time): 22998

Minecraft Server icon for Terminal




Our goal is to be the best damn semi-vanilla server our there. Maximum Dungeons!|Double Ores!|Grief Protection!|Boss battles! We have all the grief protection players need
Version: 1.11 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim PVE PVP Video


Players: 7 / 56
Votes (January): 666
Votes (all time): 14384




Welcome to CreativeRP, the one and only server built around roleplay! Ever wanted to try something different Maybe create a family, school, jobs, and so forth Well, you j
Version: 1.11 Creative KitPvP


Players: 300 / 500
Votes (January): 663
Votes (all time): 2094

Minecraft Server icon for Surrealcraft




Surrealcraft is a server focused on Factions and PvP. Griefing, and more specifically raiding, is allowed and encouraged. The world border is set a 6,000 blocks away from spa
Version: 1.8.8 Survival Skyblock Factions CTF McMMO Survival Games MiniGames PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 26 / 250
Votes (January): 662
Votes (all time): 21702


Dungeon Realms

Dungeon Realms

DungeonRealms is a Premuim, Action RPG, Minecraft Experience. Delve into a fascinating world full of dark dungeons, evil monsters and extraordinary treasure. Join Minecraf
Version: 1.11 PVE PVP RP Economy Video


Players: 183 / 1300
Votes (January): 658
Votes (all time): 658

Minecraft Server icon for Scarlet - Super Noobs


Scarlet - Super Noobs

Super Noobs is a small but dedicated community that plots to rule the Minecraft universe and all of its many aspects. We have a smaller but more dedicated community, with our
Version: 1.11 Survival McMMO PVE RP Economy


Players: 23 / 1000
Votes (January): 654
Votes (all time): 32910


GreenCraft Network [new OpFactions release!]

Green Craft! Egg Wars! [new] OpFactions [new] Op Prison Agario Factions prison McMMO Factions Towny SkyBlock Survival Games Prop Hunt Hide and Seek MiniGame
Version: 1.11 Survival Skyblock Factions McMMO KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames Prison PVP RP Economy Video

Players: 36 / 250
Votes (January): 643
Votes (all time): 13072

Minecraft Server icon for GLADIUS




GLADIUS Semi-Vanilla // Anarchy // Minigames // PVP // Raiding GLADIUS is a perfectly balanced vanilla survival server that has to be played to be believed. Wi
Version: 1.11 Survival PVP

Players: 25 / 50
Votes (January): 641
Votes (all time): 8051

Minecraft Server icon for Dumbledores Army [ Harry Potter Server ] [1.8]


Dumbledores Army [ Harry Potter Server ] [1.8]

All builds/locations from the series Spells with customizable wands based from the series Actual Classes with hired Professors Potions brewing plugin Moving Grand Sta
Version: 1.11 Survival Adventure Factions McMMO MiniGames PVE PVP RP Economy Video


Players: 59 / 1
Votes (January): 641
Votes (all time): 20668

Minecraft Server icon for Star Wars MC


Star Wars MC

Star Wars MC

Choose your side: Jedi, Bounty Hunter, or Sith. Create or join a faction, and conquer the galaxy! Build up your skills and equipment so you can defeat other players in
Version: 1.11 Survival Factions McMMO PVP RP Economy Video


Players: 25 / 75
Votes (January): 639
Votes (all time): 16810



Wij zijn UtopiaMC. Wij hebben op dit moment minetopia eigen idee Wat bedoelen we hier nu mee eigen idee Beginners kunnen bij ons aan de beginners jobs werken. Hiermee k
Version: 1.8.8 Land Claim


Players: 13 / 300
Votes (January): 624
Votes (all time): 1607

Minecraft Server icon for PokeNexus




We need staff! Pixelmon, KitPvP, Parkour, 24/7 Uptime, No Lag, Great Community, Frequent Updates, Elite 4 Soon, McMMO Soon, Prison Soon, Sky Wars Soon, Much more to come!
Version: 1.8 Adventure Factions CTF McMMO KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames Pixelmon Prison PVP RP Economy


Players: 19 / 300
Votes (January): 621
Votes (all time): 90534



Survival, Creative, Factions, SkyWars, SurvivalGames, EggWars, CounterStrike, KitPvP, HideAndSeek, BuildBattle и ще добавяме още мнооого!
Version: 1.11 Survival Creative Factions McMMO Survival Games MiniGames PVP


Players: 82 / 800
Votes (January): 615
Votes (all time): 2073


TNT Wars

TNT Wars

Newly released server! TNTwars.net is the only TNT Wars server online without constant lag, greifing, and long wait times. Join instantly to one of our jaw-dropping maps, and
Version: 1.10.2 Factions Hunger Games KitPvP Survival Games PVP


Players: 127 / 10000
Votes (January): 614
Votes (all time): 2540