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This is page 15 of the Minecraft servers with most players online right now - For some the number of players is a quality seal and by request you can now find them below.

The actual number must be compared with the last ping time we made to the server - you can find that value on the actual detailpages of each server..

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Krooked Nework

Krooked Network is currently a network with a few servers such as Factions,Kitpvp and Prison. We are hoping to expand with your help by voting joining the server and just mak
Version: 1.8 Factions Prison
Krooked Nework


Players: 26 / 1000
Votes (July): 41
Votes (all time): 216

Minecraft Server icon for Globcraft



Welcome to Globcraft! We’ve been in Minecraft server hosting longer than most. We like to focus on creating a fun experience for players! We’re constantly improving!
Version: 1.8 Survival McMMO PVE PVP Economy


Players: 26 / 100
Votes (July): 17
Votes (all time): 7665

Minecraft Server icon for MinecraftMe GGTV Pub Server


MinecraftMe GGTV Pub Server

We are a friendly Community that has great moderators and admins and we are all about having fun and keeping the server family friendly so no griefing, stealing, cursing ect
Version: 1.8.3


Players: 26 / 64
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 0

Minecraft Server icon for CraftableMC Pixelmon


CraftableMC Pixelmon

CraftableMC offers a one of a kind player base and interaction. CraftableMC consists of crates, gym leaders, staff, legendary spawns and more. Our server offers a no downtime
Version: 1.7.10 McMMO Pixelmon Economy


Players: 26 / 96
Votes (July): 94
Votes (all time): 4677

Minecraft Server icon for Mc.DeadCraft.Ro



The best server in Romania.Join now for fun!We will promise you that you will never have lag and you will experience a gameplay that you never seen!If you have problems ask m
Version: unknown Survival Skyblock PVP Economy

Players: 26 / 300
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 0

Minecraft Server icon for ElementalPvP



Welcome to the ElementalPvP! Here are some intresting things about ElementalPvP. ElementalPvP is a Semi-OP faction’s server that has been crafted around players opinions on
Version: CraftBukkit 1.8.7 Factions McMMO PVP RP Economy


Players: 26 / 320
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 1

Minecraft Server icon for [1.4.2] GoldenCraf,Skyblock,Creative,Mob Arena,PvP,Hg


[1.4.2] GoldenCraf,Skyblock,Creative,Mob Arena,PvP,Hg

GoldenCraft is not a small server, we have over 8.1k unique user logins. Also we have 13 worlds all of which are dedicated to game modes. Those game modes are Survival - PvP
Version: 1.8 Survival Skyblock Hunger Games PVE PVP


Players: 26 / 1000
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 5

Minecraft Server icon for Faded Skyblock


Faded Skyblock

Faded Skyblock is an economy based Skyblock server! We have many things to do such as Challenges, Mini Games, and to have an awesome Skyblock experience. We have helpful staf
Version: Spigot 1.8.7 Survival Skyblock PVP Economy


Players: 26 / 100
Votes (July): 44
Votes (all time): 12348


Munch Craft

Op Prison, + New Games Added Soon, http://munchcraft.net Donations Appreciated, Come Join Now! 24/7 Op Prison We Got Nice Players Active Staff!!! And Awesome V.I.PS, Mods Ad
Version: unknown Video
Munch Craft


Players: 26 / 70
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 2

Minecraft Server icon for Spacebug SMP


Spacebug SMP

This is a Wild West SMP type of server Survival Multiplayer. We have 2 worlds - a PvP World and a PvE World. On this server you are on your own. Do not expect any staf
Version: Spigot 1.8.7 Survival Land Claim McMMO PVE PVP RP Economy Video
Spacebug SMP


Players: 26 / 80
Votes (July): 1
Votes (all time): 986


MC cities

We Will see you here ! MC Cities Join our website, mccities.com! We offer an active forum to discuss events and happenings, and we also post detailed video explanations on e
Version: 1.8.3 Survival PVP RP Economy


Players: 26 / 150
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 164

Minecraft Server icon for Insanity Network


Insanity Network

Hello, I am Arthur the owner of Insanity Network. Connect speed: 1GBPS UP 1GBPS DOWN. This is a network server that is currently trying to bring you the best experience in
Version: 1.8 Survival Factions McMMO Prison PVE PVP RP Economy Video


Players: 25 / 150
Votes (July): 58
Votes (all time): 3833

Minecraft Server icon for EnixGaming | Towny Server | Cracked


EnixGaming | Towny Server | Cracked

Welcome to EnixGaming Towny Server! Our community is almost 2 years old now and our server is frequently updated and now on a stable host. The server is running in offline
Version: Spigot 1.8.7 Survival McMMO MiniGames PVP RP Economy
EnixGaming | Towny Server | Cracked


Players: 25 / 404
Votes (July): 10
Votes (all time): 5020

Minecraft Server icon for ...::: A Whole New World :::...


...::: A Whole New World :::...

A little about us... AWNW is a server that is run by myself and Kaioko my wife. We started off as a simple Survival server, but over the last year we have grown to now sup
Version: unknown Survival Skyblock McMMO Whitelist PVE PVP Economy Video
...::: A Whole New World :::...


Players: 25 / 1
Votes (July): 43
Votes (all time): 83496

Minecraft Server icon for AgeoCraft



AgeoCraft Es Un Nuevo Servidor De Minecraft En Español Con: #Survival-PVE #Factions-PVP #Parcelas-PlotMe #Y Mas #Entra Ya Que Te Esperamos #Eventos Diarios #24/7
Version: 1.7.2 Survival Factions PVE PVP Economy


Players: 25 / 100
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 11

Minecraft Server icon for RedstonePvP



RedstonePvP is a server that was found in August 2012, and is running well since that date. The server has a large, nice player base and we strive to give players a cozy and
Version: 1.7.10 Survival Skyblock Factions PVP RP


Players: 25 / 150
Votes (July): 116
Votes (all time): 87376

Minecraft Server icon for Athion Network


Athion Network

Athion is a creative network of people who simply love to make things our staff members are lovers of gaming and the internet in general, and consist of some of the most tale
Version: 1.8 Creative Video


Players: 25 / 250
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 2



Welcome to TonicMC! We offer a awesome OP Prison experience! We want YOU to start your adventure with us today! Our staff is very kind and helpful! Lots of donor ranks so
Version: 1.8.3 Survival Prison PVP


Players: 25 / 100
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 0

Minecraft Server icon for ►nodigit.com◄ Factions - Leveling -  Infection - Creative


►nodigit.com◄ Factions - Leveling - Infection - Creative

SERVER IP: nodigit.com nodigit is on of the longest running Minecraft servers (Online since 2009) with an awesome community and a dedicated, friendly team of staff. We we
Version: 1.8 Survival Factions Hunger Games CTF McMMO PVE PVP RP Economy Video
►nodigit.com◄ Factions - Leveling -  Infection - Creative


Players: 25 / 1000
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 32

Minecraft Server icon for Cytooxien



Seid Gegrüßt Liebe Minecraft-Spieler/Innen Hier ein kleiner Einblick in die Großartige Welt Cytooxiens.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=jaW-Tpz6S
Version: 1.8 Survival PVE PVP Economy Video


Players: 25 / 3600
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 24



EliteKits is a practice server that can fill all of your PVP needs! EliteKits offers: Good hit detection, fun events, competitive duels, keys crates, custom kits, rankup abi
Version: 1.8 Survival PVE PVP RP Economy Video


Players: 25 / 400
Votes (July): 3
Votes (all time): 1189

Minecraft Server icon for DerpCraft V3


DerpCraft V3

This is a brand new server with many different plugins!...such as factions, multiverse, and Hunger Games! We also have many fun activities such as Nazi Zombies! Even a Zombie
Version: 1.8 Survival Factions Hunger Games McMMO PVP RP Economy


Players: 24 / 1
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 578



Se tens Minecraft pirata, terás que usar um nick so teu, nao podes entrar no servidor com nickname de uma conta original... Porque de ser assim Porque assim as contas origin
Version: unknown Factions McMMO KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames Prison RP Economy Video


Players: 24 / 500
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 0

Minecraft Server icon for Mundo-Minecraft.com



Servidor de minecraft en español, cuenta con multiples plugins diversos mundos y un staff que resolveran todas tus dudas y te ayudaran. El servidor esta en continua actuali
Version: Spigot 1.8.7 Survival Hunger Games CTF PVE PVP Economy


Players: 24 / 120
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 6



Officially welcoming all prison players that are interested in advancing through all the ranks! Have you been looking for a prison server GlowCraftOpPrison is the perfect
Version: Spigot 1.8.7 Prison PVP Video


Players: 24 / 125
Votes (July): 78
Votes (all time): 1417

Minecraft Server icon for NinjaCraft UHC Public Server


NinjaCraft UHC Public Server

NinjaCraft Public UHC Server UHC1 ---- 2pm - 4pm - 6pm - 8pm CST Normal rules for UHC -no strip mining -no potion of regen -no other mods besides optifine
Version: 1.8 Survival PVE PVP Video


Players: 24 / 500
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 38

Minecraft Server icon for ElegantPvP



Join the server have fun! Make a faction go pvp and raid bases! On our server we have McMMo, Bounties, Mob Arena, Amazing kits, King of the Hill, And much more! To get you mu
Version: PaperSpigot 1.8.7 Survival Factions McMMO PVP Economy


Players: 24 / 150
Votes (July): 21
Votes (all time): 149

Minecraft Server icon for EternalCraft



EternalCraft is a minecraft network which consists of 3 main servers: Survival: A survival server where you rely on your own skills to survive. You can also PvP (In the W
Version: 1.8 Survival Skyblock Hunger Games CTF PVP Economy Video


Players: 24 / 455
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 10

Minecraft Server icon for SugarRealms



SugarRealms is a Clash Of Clans oriented server with CoC related minigames. We e dedicated to bringing you top quality gameplay in a friendly lag free environment.
Version: 1.8 Factions MiniGames PVP


Players: 24 / 300
Votes (July): 79
Votes (all time): 2715



Olá, venha jogar em nosso servidor oficial, mcMMO, economia, lojas e muito mais! Minere, construa e lute com outros jogadores, conheça novos amigos. Estamos 24 horas online
Version: 1.5.2 McMMO PVP


Players: 24 / 80
Votes (July): 1
Votes (all time): 108

Minecraft Server icon for CraftWorld Network


CraftWorld Network

CraftWorld, A Worldwide Server For All kinds of People from around the globe of the Earth. We host factions,Prison,GTA,KITPVP And more. This is a chance to Enter an astonishi
Version: 1.8 Survival Skyblock Factions McMMO KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames Prison PVE PVP RP Economy Video
CraftWorld Network


Players: 24 / 1020
Votes (July): 45
Votes (all time): 7910

Minecraft Server icon for TerraminingMC



Bring the terror and fear of infectious diseases and more into your quiet little Minecraft town. Contract disease and infections, Craft cures to alleviate symptoms. Spread yo
Version: 1.8.3 Survival Skyblock Factions McMMO KitPvP Prison PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 24 / 100
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 4090

Minecraft Server icon for MineFrost



Skywars also known as Skyblock Warriors is where Skyblock meets PvP. GET ORES FROM YOUR COBBLESTONE GENERATOR! • Challenges • Nether is enabled • Great Communit
Version: Spigot 1.8.7 Survival Skyblock McMMO Prison PVP RP Economy


Players: 24 / 65
Votes (July): 39
Votes (all time): 7072

Minecraft Server icon for REKTPRISON



Welcome to REKTPrison! Tired of the same old prison servers Tired of having nothing else to do but mine and sell Then get ready to be fully entertained at REKTPrison! Wev
Version: 1.8.6 Survival Prison PVP RP Economy Video


Players: 24 / 150
Votes (July): 72
Votes (all time): 14807



We offer a variety of game modes on Carrotcraft to suit your many minecraft needs! Play on Skywars, Creative, Towny, Skyblock, Color Shuffle, and soon, our own custom plugin,
Version: 1.8 Skyblock McMMO MiniGames Economy Video


Players: 24 / 1
Votes (July): 2
Votes (all time): 1800

Minecraft Server icon for RebootMC



RebootMC is a unique Semi-OP Factions PvP server offering an amazing PvP experience. Based off how the community wants to play Factions and their suggestions.
Version: PaperSpigot 1.8.7 Survival Factions McMMO KitPvP PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 23 / 150
Votes (July): 98
Votes (all time): 3691

Minecraft Server icon for PickaxeMania



For 1.5+ years, PickaxeMania has been providing the best Minecraft experience for those looking for friends and community. We never reset the map, what you build, stays. It i
Version: Spigot 1.8.7 Survival MiniGames PVE Economy Video


Players: 23 / 75
Votes (July): 5
Votes (all time): 55

Minecraft Server icon for Bianite



Welcome to Duncan. a Survival, PVP, creative game! Here you can build, survive with friends and fight with enemies! Bianite is one of the best servers you could ever join! So
Version: 1.8 Survival Land Claim KitPvP Whitelist PVP


Players: 23 / 160
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 0

Minecraft Server icon for EndorCraft



Hello! Welcome to EndorCraft! On this server, we offer custom and amazing kits, donation ranks, and much more! - On our survival world, you have the choice of playing for the
Version: 1.8 Survival McMMO PVE Economy


Players: 23 / 120
Votes (July): 28
Votes (all time): 1018


Serious Servers

With a strong line of top-notch servers, we maintain an actively growing community while dedicating time to ensuring the quality performance people have come to expect from u
Version: 1.6.4 Survival Tekkit PVE Economy

Players: 23 / 75
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 0