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This is page 7 of the Minecraft servers with most players online right now - For some the number of players is a quality seal and by request you can now find them below.

The actual number must be compared with the last ping time we made to the server - you can find that value on the actual detailpages of each server..

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Server name & Description IP Address & Port
Minecraft Server icon for FrozenSoul - Direwolf 20


FrozenSoul - Direwolf 20

Come join us! Features: No Banned Mods No Banned Items Grief Prevention Protected Land 7.5k world border Custom Mining age with Dense Ores! No PvP in the main world S
Version: 1.8 Survival PVE Economy


Players: 35 / 300
Votes (September): 3
Votes (all time): 68

Minecraft Server icon for ElyssiaMC




After many days of waiting, after countless hardships, after much adversity, its finally here: ElyssiaMC - A new kind of Minecraft. The sad, sad truth of our day is that t
Version: 1.12.1 Survival McMMO PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 34 / 300
Votes (September): 938
Votes (all time): 61978


Brierie Adventures

Brierie Adventures

With this server I have implemented systems such as MCmmo , which will really enrich the players experience in the new world of brierie; being to level up their skills like
Version: 1.12.1 Survival Factions McMMO PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 34 / 1000
Votes (September): 0
Votes (all time): 17035


MC cities

We Will see you here ! MC Cities Join our website, mccities.com! We offer an active forum to discuss events and happenings, and we also post detailed video explanations on e
Version: 1.11.2 Survival PVP RP Economy


Players: 34 / 240
Votes (September): 7
Votes (all time): 356

Minecraft Server icon for Warsawcraft [OP-Prison] [247]


Warsawcraft [OP-Prison] [247]

Hello there people! WarsawCraft is a community full of fun and nice players. We have staff active most of the time, we are also looking for new staff If you are interested
Version: 1.8.8 Survival Lucky Block KitPvP Prison PVP RP

Players: 34 / 50
Votes (September): 246
Votes (all time): 826

Minecraft Server icon for  CorbaCraft Network


CorbaCraft Network

Corbacraft Minecraft survival network is a server that has been up for over 3 years and plans to remain up for a very very long time. No greifing or raiding allowed on any of
Version: 1.12.1 Survival Land Claim Lucky Block Skyblock McMMO MiniGames PVE RP Economy Video


Players: 34 / 500
Votes (September): 517
Votes (all time): 39638

Minecraft Server icon for The Wizry Network


The Wizry Network

Creative | Factions Anarchy | Skyblock | Roleplay | KitPVP | Unique Gameplay | 24-7 | Friendly CommunityWelcome to the Wizry Network. Come in and enjoy a vast collection of g
Version: 1.12.1 Survival Skyblock Factions McMMO Whitelist PVE PVP RP Economy Video


Players: 33 / 500
Votes (September): 0
Votes (all time): 25

Minecraft Server icon for BoostedNetwork




BoostedNetwork is a new Minecraft Network that strives to give its players an enjoyable and safe experience, We have an active set of staff so if you have any inquiries or ju
Version: 1.12.1 Survival Skyblock Factions McMMO KitPvP PVE PVP RP Economy Video


Players: 33 / 500
Votes (September): 2142
Votes (all time): 37952


Brieire FTB Ultimate [1.1.2]

Brieire FTB Ultimate [1.1.2]

Server Specs: Dual Xeon L5520, 64gb DDR3 ECC Fully Buffered, 4x SSD's in Hardware RAID 0
Version: 1.12.1 Survival Tekkit Factions PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 33 / 1000
Votes (September): 0
Votes (all time): 19233


Brierie Network - Modded  Vanilla

Brierie Network - Modded Vanilla

Our servers include: FTB Infinity Evolved SkyBlock: infsky.brierie.net FTB Infinity Evolved HardMode infhard.brierie.net FTB Infinity Evolved: inf.brierie.co Agrari
Version: 1.12.1 Survival Skyblock McMMO Survival Games Pixelmon PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 33 / 1000
Votes (September): 0
Votes (all time): 5

Minecraft Server icon for Yixos PvP Server IP Mineark.serv.nu


Yixos PvP Server IP Mineark.serv.nu

This is a great, working Pvp server, feel free to apply with /apply, We need builders because we currently only have 1 map So please join and help us out!! This is a great,
Version: 1.12.1 Survival KitPvP PVP


Players: 32 / 500
Votes (September): 0
Votes (all time): 2

Minecraft Server icon for PigParty




Benvenuto nella pagina voto di PigParty! Questo network, come tale, presenta diverse modalità di gioco, situate in server differenti, hostati su macchine di alta qualità.
Version: 1.12.1 Lucky Block Skyblock Factions McMMO MiniGames Prison PVP Economy


Players: 32 / 2000
Votes (September): 4572
Votes (all time): 59844


Brierie Server - Tekkit Classic

Brierie Server - Tekkit Classic

Brierie Server is The up and coming Tekkit server. At Brierie we make sure that our players only have the best experience. Brierie has a great selection of plugins that compl
Version: 1.12.1 Survival Tekkit PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 32 / 1000
Votes (September): 0
Votes (all time): 464



IP: jugar.mickecraft.com Características: En español Los plugins han sido editados para hacerlos 100 español Puedes comprar VIP via SMS http://mickecraft.buycraft.ne
Version: 1.5.2 Survival Skyblock Factions Hunger Games McMMO KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames PVP RP Economy Video


Players: 32 / 130
Votes (September): 0
Votes (all time): 10



Drizzard Network! Join us today! We have: Factions Skyblock Creative KitPvP And more! We have friendly active staff and we are always adding more stuff!
Version: 1.12.1 Survival Skyblock Factions Hunger Games KitPvP Prison PVP Economy


Players: 31 / 32
Votes (September): 2
Votes (all time): 20757

Minecraft Server icon for Minecore



Czech Minecraft server with large community of players, frequent events and active and helpful admins. Server also contains survival, creative and VIP world.
Version: 1.12.1 Survival PVP Economy


Players: 31 / 1024
Votes (September): 0
Votes (all time): 1

Minecraft Server icon for 🏰HomeTown🏯 Survival Server


🏰HomeTown🏯 Survival Server

🏰HomeTown🏯 Survival Server

Here in Hometown we are a simple server with a very friendly community! The server specializes in semi-vanilla survival highlighting the bare bones of worry-free survival min
Version: 1.12.1 Survival Land Claim PVP RP Video


Players: 31 / 80
Votes (September): 1049
Votes (all time): 67772

Minecraft Server icon for LemuriaMC



Here at LemuriaMC we provide the finest gamemdode experience. Being one of the most fast growing towny/skyblock servers out there, we continual add cool features to leave you
Version: 1.12.1 Survival Creative Hardcore Adventure Vanilla Lucky Block Skyblock Factions McMMO Pixelmon Whitelist PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 31 / 350
Votes (September): 1
Votes (all time): 10


McDiamondfire 1.10 - 1.10.2

Join NOW ~ CREATE YOUR OWN MINIGAMES HAVE SO MUCH FUN! ~~~~~~~~~ Join now join! have fun! dont spam Dont hack Dont Idk dont not sure dont nothing dont nothing what a
Version: 1.12.1 Survival Lucky Block Skyblock Hunger Games McMMO KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames PVP RP Economy


Players: 31 / 200
Votes (September): 0
Votes (all time): 0

Minecraft Server icon for ★★  ★★  ♛ ROYAL LEGACY ♛   ★★  ★★


★★  ★★  ♛ ROYAL LEGACY ♛   ★★  ★★

★★ ★★ ♛ ROYAL LEGACY ♛ ★★ ★★

[Versions 1.8 - 1.12] Join now at RLN.ROCKS ! Check out our legendary Prison server, complete custom Survival server, or our brand new Skyblock server! Website: www.royall
Version: 1.12.1 Survival Skyblock Factions McMMO Prison PVE PVP Economy


Players: 31 / 400
Votes (September): 1368
Votes (all time): 10118




OPAnarchy is one of the best prison servers! Our server is lag-free, with a great server host. We respect everyone and our staff are friendly and helpful, and will help yo
Version: 1.8.8 Survival Lucky Block McMMO Prison PVP RP Economy


Players: 30 / 500
Votes (September): 935
Votes (all time): 20050

Minecraft Server icon for EnforcedMC - New Liberty MERGED


EnforcedMC - New Liberty MERGED

EnforcedMC is one of the biggest custom factions in the world, in this factions server.. You can play KoTH, Raid Rich bases and more! We dont need staff but you can apply : T
Version: unknown Survival Factions McMMO MiniGames Economy


Players: 30 / 1000
Votes (September): 0
Votes (all time): 4

Minecraft Server icon for Rewinside.tv




The Rewinside.tv Minecraft Server is a big minigame-server with a lot of varied and fun minigames! Minigames like: Survival Games [1.8 and 1.9], Bedwars, Revo and GetDown!
Version: 1.12.1 Lucky Block Hunger Games Survival Games MiniGames PVP


Players: 30 / 7000
Votes (September): 0
Votes (all time): 19

Minecraft Server icon for Sandbox MC Network


Sandbox MC Network

SERVIDOR NO PREMIUM 1.8 - 1.9 - 1.10 Servidores: -[Super Skywars]- - 56 Mapas, Kits, Niveles, Prestigios, Cajas Misteriosas y más -[PvP Legends]- - Items con habilidade
Version: 1.12.1 Survival Factions McMMO KitPvP MiniGames PVE PVP RP Economy


Players: 30 / 300
Votes (September): 168
Votes (all time): 3356



CubeLand is one of the best portuguese servers based on PVP , with plots and lot of arenas. JOIN Today! pvp.mc-cubeland.net pvp.mc-cubeland.net pvp.mc-cubeland.net pvp
Version: 1.5.2 Survival Factions KitPvP MiniGames Prison PVP


Players: 30 / 975
Votes (September): 0
Votes (all time): 5

Minecraft Server icon for Ultra Dino


Ultra Dino

This is a really nice Dinosaur based modded server. In this server you will find Biomes o plenty, Fossils and archeolgy remastered mod and Pams harvestcraft. This server is
Version: 1.7.10 Survival

Players: 29 / 80
Votes (September): 0
Votes (all time): 9

Minecraft Server icon for OneShotMC - Cannon Test Server


OneShotMC - Cannon Test Server

OneShotMC - Cannon Test Server

OneShotMC is a Minecraft TNT cannon server that is dedicated to testing the limits of your imagination and your cannoning skills. With cannon security and many custom plugins
Version: 1.11.2 Creative Factions Video


Players: 29 / 30
Votes (September): 1665
Votes (all time): 98011

Minecraft Server icon for ★ BrutalNetwork ★


★ BrutalNetwork ★

★ BrutalNetwork ★

Welcome to BrutalNetwork! Thanks for joining us Heres some basic info on what we have to offer: OP Factions: This gamemode is great for players who want to PVP constantly
Version: 1.8.8 Survival Skyblock Factions McMMO KitPvP PVE PVP Economy Video


Players: 29 / 300
Votes (September): 657
Votes (all time): 194183


MCPublic Creative with World Edit

MCPublics Creative server is one of the strongest and longest running Creative servers currently around for Minecrafters and Redditors alike. With a strong and friendly c
Version: 1.12.1 Creative


Players: 28 / 200
Votes (September): 1
Votes (all time): 8



EnforcedMC is a new factions server released by the one and only DrCandyMan! With Custom Enchants, Koths, Envoys, Spawners, and Bosses, youll stay hooked for the rest of you
Version: unknown Survival Factions McMMO PVP RP Economy


Players: 28 / 1000
Votes (September): 1
Votes (all time): 31

Minecraft Server icon for MINIGA.ME | INSANE SKYBLOCK | 1.8



Miniga.me! The newest server. Starting with Skyblock and expanding forward this high-quality setup will not only be fun, but addictive. Join now and stay involved for the re
Version: 1.12.1 Video


Players: 28 / 1000
Votes (September): 0
Votes (all time): 0

Minecraft Server icon for MCGTA




1 GTA Network IP: http://MCGTA.NET What we have done is taken the GTA concept and combined it with Minecraft. As well as created unique features, that will diversify the
Version: 1.12.1 MiniGames


Players: 28 / 1500
Votes (September): 6893
Votes (all time): 13697

Minecraft Server icon for Atom-Craft



El mejor servidor de chile, configurado para el agrado y rendimiento de cualquier persona que entre. Entra ya no te arrepentiras con nuestro staff que te estara ayudando con
Version: 1.12 Survival Hunger Games PVP Economy


Players: 28 / 69
Votes (September): 1
Votes (all time): 1




Is a new and modern prison server with all the best plugins and is server like no other this is down to the fact that the plugins used on the server are all custom made and c
Version: 1.12.1 Survival Factions KitPvP Prison PVP Economy


Players: 28 / 29
Votes (September): 132
Votes (all time): 4411


KingdomsCity - FoolCraft - Friendly - Modpack -

KingdomsCity brings high quality servers with active staff who are always happy to help. What makes KingdomsCity different from every other server is that we like to think o
Version: Travertine KingdomsCity Survival


Players: 28 / 312
Votes (September): 709
Votes (all time): 4900

Minecraft Server icon for Nerd.nu Minecraft Servers


Nerd.nu Minecraft Servers

Nerd.nu Minecraft Servers

Connect via: Lobby: lobby.nerd.nu PVE: p.nerd.nu 1.10.2 Creative: c.nerd.nu 1.11.2 The Nerd.Nu Minecraft Servers Online since 2009, reliable and lo
Version: 1.12.1 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim PVE Video


Players: 28 / 600
Votes (September): 0
Votes (all time): 76

Minecraft Server icon for MineCats




Survival, Creative, SkyBlock, Parkour, Vanilla Over 100 Parkour mini-games on SkyBlock! RolePlay on Creative! WorldEdit! Survive the Elements on Survival and Vanilla! Enj
Version: 1.12.1 Creative Land Claim MiniGames RP


Players: 28 / 700
Votes (September): 0
Votes (all time): 92059

Minecraft Server icon for Minecraft Walking Players [Survival, PVP, Minigames]


Minecraft Walking Players [Survival, PVP, Minigames]

Conoce la experiencia de jugar en Minecraft desde otra perspectiva. Socializa con miles de usuarios amigables ya registrados en nuestra comunidad y disfruta de las posibilida
Version: 1.12.1 Survival Skyblock Factions Survival Games MiniGames PVE PVP Economy Video


Players: 28 / 400
Votes (September): 0
Votes (all time): 1

Minecraft Server icon for KinetiCraft Survival


KinetiCraft Survival

KinetiCraft Survival

Come join the best survival server youll ever find! No lag! We emphasize great community and vanilla gameplay, with small changes like being able to protect your land. Whats
Version: 1.12 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim PVE PVP Video


Players: 28 / 88
Votes (September): 2495
Votes (all time): 43328