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Minecraft Server icon for CraftyMynes




Join us at CraftyMynes, We are a 100 percent Vanilla Server with great staff and Strong Community! Using all the newest features of Minecraft we have crea
Version: 1.16.5 Survival Vanilla PVE PVP Video

Players: 5 / 88
Votes (April): 535
Votes (all time): 172616

Minecraft Server icon for PixGrove




PixGrove is a community driven server focused on a non-competitive, survival multiplayer gameplay experience. We offer a semi-anarchy survival feel with l
Version: 1.16.5 Survival Semi Vanilla PVE Video

Players: 3 / 60
Votes (April): 533
Votes (all time): 4188

Minecraft Server icon for GoldenLeaf




GoldenLeaf is a friendly Survival/Towny and Creative Network with an energetic community. Built on transparency and hard work, we strive to bring a fair a
Version: 1.16.5 Survival Land Claim McMMO PVE PVP RP Economy Video

Players: 4 / 150
Votes (April): 523
Votes (all time): 66647

Minecraft Server icon for Union SMP


Union SMP

The Union is a growing SMP community! Some of our features: -Custom enchants -Custom map -Custom end -Backpacks -Marriage -Land claiming -Togglabl
Version: 1.16.5 Survival Land Claim PVP Economy

Players: 9 / 70
Votes (April): 517
Votes (all time): 517

Minecraft Server icon for Minecraft Forever - Friendly Survival Server


Minecraft Forever - Friendly Survival Server

Minecraft Forever is a fun and very active semi-vanilla survival server! We are looking for more friendly players to join us for a fun no-grief survival e
Version: 1.16.5 Survival PVE PVP

Players: 6 / 575
Votes (April): 515
Votes (all time): 5996

Minecraft Server icon for Minetime




Anarchy just released! Brand new world, no waiting queue, 1.16.4! Minetime is a network established in 2013 with millions of players joined. Here o
Version: 1.16.5 Survival Skyblock Factions McMMO KitPvP Prison PVP Economy Video

Players: 75 / 1000
Votes (April): 515
Votes (all time): 8790



NoLifeSquad Network SkyBlock Economy Parkour PvP Survival Bedwars : ip: D
Version: 1.16.5 Survival Skyblock PVP Economy

Players: 36 / 325
Votes (April): 509
Votes (all time): 1305

Minecraft Server icon for Infinity Evolved


Infinity Evolved

Infinity Evolved

Website: | Forum: Server address: Server Info: Expert Mode. Town land prote
Version: 1.7.10 Survival Land Claim PVE PVP

Players: 122 / 400
Votes (April): 508
Votes (all time): 44085

Minecraft Server icon for


Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen auf wir sind ein Neuer Server mit 100 Usern Tglich. Wir sind ein anstrebender Server und freuen uns auf Euren
Version: 1.17 Survival Economy

Players: 17 / 150
Votes (April): 504
Votes (all time): 504

Minecraft Server icon for Aero Survival


Aero Survival

Aero Survival

Introduction Welcome to Aero, a unique and fun place to hangout, and chat with friends. Aero is a Survival Multiplayer server with aspect that offer
Version: 1.16.5 Survival Semi Vanilla Land Claim PVE PVP


Players: 5 / 55
Votes (April): 500
Votes (all time): 6110

Minecraft Server icon for MilkyMC




Welcome to MilkyMC, We are a Hermicraft inspired server with a one of a kind community. We are looking for some people to join us on our server, if your
Version: 1.16.5 Survival Semi Vanilla Whitelist PVE PVP Video

Players: 6 / 55
Votes (April): 492
Votes (all time): 10213

Minecraft Server icon for QuarantineMC



QuarantineMC is a survival multiplayer server on the latest version of Minecraft Java 1.16. The server just started up so some features are still planned
Version: 1.16.4 Survival Land Claim McMMO PVE PVP RP Economy

Players: 8 / 100
Votes (April): 492
Votes (all time): 14576

Minecraft Server icon for LucidCraft



LucidCraft Network IP: We are a strong community of Minecraft players who enjoy hanging out! There are two main gamemodes: Economy and
Version: 1.16.5 Survival Land Claim PVE

Players: 14 / 100
Votes (April): 490
Votes (all time): 490

Minecraft Server icon for VengeanceMC



Welcome to VengeanceMC Pixlemon Server. This server is running on Pixelmon Reforge 7.0.5 on Minecraft 1.12.2. Check out this link below for downloading
Version: 1.12.2 Survival Land Claim McMMO MiniGames Pixelmon PVE RP Economy

Players: 12 / 60
Votes (April): 480
Votes (all time): 22387

Minecraft Server icon for HcRaid




HcRaid is BACK and better than ever! We strive to stay dedicated towards our playerbase. Were driven to give our players an enjoyable and safe experience.
Version: 1.15.2 Survival Factions McMMO KitPvP MiniGames PVP RP Economy

Players: / 500
Votes (April): 480
Votes (all time): 480

Minecraft Server icon for Minepurist Survival


Minepurist Survival

Minepurist Survival

Minepurist is a Survival server with Vanilla Gameplay, sethomes tpa, low chat toxicity, great mob rates, and an extra Sky Dimension literally above the ov
Version: 1.16.5 Survival PVE PVP

Players: / 65
Votes (April): 477
Votes (all time): 103111

Minecraft Server icon for Pixelmon To Go


Pixelmon To Go

Pixelmon To Go

The environment provided by Pixelmon To Go is unmatched by any other server. Our community and custom content will let you hold your breath and let you ha
Version: 1.16.5 Survival Adventure Factions McMMO Pixelmon PVE RP Economy Video

Players: 23 / 2048
Votes (April): 472
Votes (all time): 5113

Minecraft Server icon for LonksMC




If a fun, friendly and engaging server is what youre looking for, you can stop searching. Lonks MC is all that and more! Built around Towny, MCMMO, Jobs a
Version: 1.16.5 Survival McMMO PVE PVP RP Economy Video

Players: 4 / 100
Votes (April): 466
Votes (all time): 18928

Minecraft Server icon for SPLASH NETWORK




We have 2 brand new servers that just opened! 1. Economy Survival - progress through 20+ ranks, build a base, work in jobs, mcMMO stats, claim and prot
Version: 1.16.5 Survival Land Claim PVE Economy Video

Players: 8 / 50
Votes (April): 464
Votes (all time): 10810

Minecraft Server icon for Lost Lands Redux


Lost Lands Redux

Mixed Survival and MMORPG Server! Friendly Players, Custom Features! RPG + Quests + Magic Items + Dungeons + Guilds! Custom modeled - Items, Blocks,
Version: 1.16.5 Survival Land Claim McMMO RP

Players: 16 / 50
Votes (April): 461
Votes (all time): 19830

Minecraft Server icon for Mineverso




Servidor siempre actualizado, libre de lag y un staff atento a tus necesidades. Actualmente contamos con 7 modalidades: Survival, SkyBlock, BedWars, SkyWa
Version: unknown Survival Skyblock Hunger Games CTF MiniGames PVE Economy

Players: 71 / 595
Votes (April): 460
Votes (all time): 10392

Minecraft Server icon for AmazeMC | Survival Multiplayer


AmazeMC | Survival Multiplayer

Netherlands SMP Server! Dit is een Nederlandse SMP server. Deze server draait op 1.16.5 en heeft geen lagg. Voel je vrij om te joinen en gezellig mee te s
Version: unknown Survival Lucky Block Tekkit Skyblock Factions Hunger Games CTF McMMO KitPvP Survival Games MiniGames Prison PVE RP Economy

Players: 21 / 250
Votes (April): 456
Votes (all time): 456

Minecraft Server icon for PvPingMC



PvPingMC is a network of Minecraft servers that released in 2015. We have a lot of experience with hosting fun, popular and unique servers! Our Current
Version: 1.16.4 Survival Skyblock Factions McMMO MiniGames PVE PVP RP Economy

Players: 270 / 2021
Votes (April): 454
Votes (all time): 4146

Minecraft Server icon for BonfireMC




A general overiew of the server features: - No paid ranks/crate-keys/perks This can only be unlocked by - playing - No server shop, you can only use t
Version: 1.16.5 Survival Land Claim McMMO PVE Economy

Players: 10 / 25
Votes (April): 454
Votes (all time): 2605

Minecraft Server icon for Northdeer



Willkommen in Northdeer, Willkommen im Norden Kurze Info: die Seite kann kein ae oe ue benutzen deswegen liest sich das vielleicht etwas Schwer! okay j
Version: 1.16.5 Survival McMMO PVE RP

Players: 8 / 30
Votes (April): 454
Votes (all time): 1125