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In a world full of soulless Minecraft Networks and one-size-fits-all hub servers, SwanCraft was created to give players something different: a place to call home. We are ver...
Version: 1.19.2 Survival LandClaim
Players Online: 49 / 150
Votes (April): 101
Votes (all time): 323433

1 Minecraft Modded Pixelmon Server We just had a map reset July 1st! Enjoy a fresh map - plenty open space and lots to do! Install Pixelmon and connect easily using ou...
Version: 1.19.4 Survival Pixelmon LandClaim
Players Online: 71 / 1400
Votes (April): 98
Votes (all time): 723797

Safe Survival
Now on 1.19! Come join the best Semi Vanilla Survival Server! Keep Inventory - SMP - Land Claims - Community! Supports Bedrock / Java Crossplay! We are a non-hub server that...
Version: 1.19.4 Survival Semi Vanilla LandClaim
Players Online: 4 / 150
Votes (April): 91
Votes (all time): 727932

Rebirth Of Balkan - Network Since 2011 IP Servera: Verzija: 1.8.x-1.19 Discord: Forum: https://rebirthofbalkan....
Version: 1.19 Survival Skyblock
Players Online: 154 / 400
Votes (April): 91
Votes (all time): 26063

Maritime Survival
Ahoy! Embark on a nautical adventure with us on the 1.18 Maritime server! On Maritime Survival we have some awesome enhancements to our gameplay, here's a list of so...
Version: 1.19.4 Survival LandClaim
Players Online: 66 / 2000
Votes (April): 88
Votes (all time): 64609




HAY YOU! HayCube welcomes you with open arms! We are are friendly community with a few features that keeps it simple and vanilla in a good way! Our goal is to grow into a st...
Version: 1.19.4 Survival LandClaim
Players Online: 35 / 100
Votes (April): 88
Votes (all time): 14889

CraftMania 2023 - Play.CraftMania.Ro Anti cheat astfel incat codatii o sa primeasca singuri ban in cateva secunde Staff de calitate (come and see) /report - raportez...
Version: CraftMania Skyblock
Players Online: 96 / 2000
Votes (April): 87
Votes (all time): 1364




BudgieNet is a Australia based Minecraft Network We offer the gamemodes: Survival / Skyblock / SkyGrid / Creative BudgieNet strives to give the best survival experience ...
Version: 1.19.4 Survival Skyblock LandClaim
Players Online: 33 / 255
Votes (April): 86
Votes (all time): 101281

Join for new and classic entertaining game modes! Websiteforums: Servers: Acidisland, Anarchy, Bedwars, Creative, Eggwars, Factio...
Version: 1.19.4 Survival Skyblock Prison
Players Online: 157 / 5000
Votes (April): 86
Votes (all time): 2828279




Cross-Platform | Balanced Economy | Towns/Nations | In-Game Ranks | Player Shops | Custom Jobs | Free /Fly | Custom Items | Semi Vanilla | Discord Integration...
Version: 1.19.4 Survival LandClaim
Players Online: 57 / 205
Votes (April): 85
Votes (all time): 11302




PlayFuse PlayFuse is a server focus on quality. We currently provide Three gamemodes, SkyBlock, our latest gamemode. SMP that we have had for over two years and the newly...
Version: 1.19.4 Survival Skyblock LandClaim
Players Online: 205 / 1500
Votes (April): 85
Votes (all time): 57124

Project Shiba
Brand NEW Pixelmon 9.0.3 server! IP: Website: Server features listed below: - Start with any of the original...
Version: 1.16.5 Survival Pixelmon
Players Online: 58 / 100
Votes (April): 83
Votes (all time): 47767

We are a Minecraft survival server with a friendly community, fun events, and big ideas in mind. We aim to offer a true-to-game survival experience, adding a few quality of ...
Version: 1.19.3 Survival Whitelist
Players Online: 57 / 125
Votes (April): 82
Votes (all time): 42774




PokeGems is a Pixelmon Server that is still in its ALPHA stage. It is a hybrid between an Adventure and Survival server that aims to bring a unique experience to all with it...
Version: 1.16.5 Survival Pixelmon LandClaim
Players Online: 38 / 100
Votes (April): 79
Votes (all time): 2837

Bienvenido al servidor numero 1 de Latino Amrica y de Habla Hispana. Ofrecemos diferentes modalidades de juegos para todos los justos en Omegacraft !!! Tenemos una comuni...
Version: 1.19 Skyblock Prison
Players Online: 672 / 12000
Votes (April): 77
Votes (all time): 553962

BEDROCK PORT: 19132 Savercraft is a fun-to-play SMP Server with many unique features such as Bedrock & Java support, custom items, no grief, land claims, economy, and...
Version: 1.19.4 Survival LandClaim
Players Online: 41 / 100
Votes (April): 76
Votes (all time): 8075

Welcome to CreativeFun! You can build, roleplay and even create your own minigames using your own builds on our server. Our features: - Large 512x512 plots - Advanced W...
Version: 1.19.4 Creative
Players Online: 82 / 2000
Votes (April): 75
Votes (all time): 586435




FruitySMP is Minecraft's Largest LGBTQ+ Minecraft Server for both Java and Bedrock Edition, it was created by content creator Monjii after struggling to find a safe spa...
Version: 1.19.4 Survival LandClaim
Players Online: 156 / 500
Votes (April): 74
Votes (all time): 176777

Classic Survival is a semi-vanilla Minecraft server designed to give the barebones survival experience with a few aids to make your journey easier. With a new map started in...
Version: 1.19.4 Survival Semi Vanilla
Players Online: 92 / 80
Votes (April): 74
Votes (all time): 31392