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Serlis Earth

Serlis Earth

Welcome to Serlis Earth! A world of unending possibilities, unrestricted by the realities of the real world. You can form alliances, make enemies, r
Version: 1.15.2 Survival Land Claim McMMO PVP RP Economy

Players: / 182
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 382



Raincraft is a Minecraft server with survival and creative gamemodes with claiming in creative mode. We have seasons and lore too! Also check out the spoo
Version: 1.15.2 Survival Creative Land Claim Video

Players: / 40
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 3




Welcome to Consus! Ever wanted to rule your own country Well, Consus is for you! Consus is a political factions server on an earth map. The earth map
Version: 1.15.2 Survival Factions PVP RP Economy

Players: / 100
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 12

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MC Network

MCCubed is a Minecraft server designed on mostly casual gameplay. The server requires 1.15.2, since it uses a custom resource pack with sound ques, textur
Version: 1.15.2 Survival MiniGames PVE PVP Economy

Players: / 100
Votes (July): 0
Votes (all time): 75