Bid system will change in the future

Hello Minecraft players and Server owners.

I would like to thank everyone who has used the site and supported it with bid/donations. The bid system was made quick in summer 2011 without deeper thoughts, but over time it has gone a bit out of hand (high bids and to long a duration). This make the frontpage a bit “stale” even though there are tons of new servers added daily (We have had 93.520 servers added since I launched the site).

I admit the frontpage would be a lot better if there where some more dynamic content (new servers – popular servers etc), so this is the reason I am doing some big changes to the Bid system.

To explain it short:
The bid system (in it’s current state) will close oct 31. 2013 – at that date there will be 0 Featured servers left on this site.
All bids made after oct 1. 2012 will no longer have duration 1 year, but will expire oct 1. 2013.

This is the best way I could find to slowly close down the current system, without stepping on anyones feet.
After oct. 31. 2013 I will introduce a new form of bidding (shorter duration and cheaper for you to get a good placement) and giving me some more flexibility to change things on the site/frontpage in general.

I expect the bids will slow down over the next year since the duration will be shorter – but then again it will also open up some good rankings if you don’t mind about the expire date as more and more old bids run out daily.

There will come some more news about this later, but now you know in which direction I am going with the Featured option.

16 thoughts on “Bid system will change in the future

  1. although i understand this decision this will make it harder for some servers for instance i just made a bid to get my server to $205 which will put us in a nice place. this is the limit of the money i can put towards the server and means for the ‘big’ servers it will just be a cut in their profit but not affect them much but for the small server trying to ‘get out there’ it will make it harder because they wont be in the ranks for as long. therefor im against the new system.

      • Yes i see where you are coming from but it brings on another problem. The reason i use this website is because of queuing 2 months for the slot i pay for i can get it then and there. I feel that smaller server trying to get out there are mainly kids or teenagers. Originally my parents paid for my 16 slot server and then i placed a $10 bid on this website. Later on i used some savings to place a $210 bid. From there my server exploded into the 110 slot networked server it is making over $200 a month. Im not saying its easy but if a 13 year old can do it then why would we want any younger server owners? I dont want to wait forever for my server to be giving a listing. Many websites gave tops spots and have long waiting lists. I cant think of any way to make it work with a limited bidding amount so can we get some more detail? (This is our money at stake here)

        • I will reveal more info on the coming system soon. I have been getting many emails and talked with a lot of parties to get as much input as possible.
          In the end it might not be that big a difference compared to now, people like how it works – but a change will come to the bidtime – it will go down to probably 6 months forward for each individual bid made.
          Frontpage might also be tweaked a big to show more than just featured servers, but also general popular servers based on votes.

          But I will make a new blogpost when I got something made that seems reasonable from all parties (servers owners and players looking for servers).

          • being that its 30 days after you posted that and 31 days till the reset I’m hoping to see a post on how its working, with GTA 5 out and school started a lot of players have disappeared along with many large youtubers bringing out their servers, its pretty much a low in donations for most servers. Can we please get some more info?

  2. Oh my god THANK YOU! I wanted to attempt to get onto the front page, but it’s asking $8000 for the placement I wanted. This seems more realistic.

    • Yeah think it should be more realistic for everyone – cheaper for server owners and more servers will get a chance to get better visibility on the page, though for a shorter duration.
      I do know many like the long duration and don’t have to worry about re-bidding now and then – but think this is for the better. (players and server owners)

    • erm, as it’s been and described – all bids before oct 2012 was a full year.
      Every bid after had fixed ending at 31 oct 2013 (but also opening up for better placement, as less have donated due to the limited time).
      This has been noted on the dashboard ever since oct 2012.

      So no credit (else it gives no meaning I did give the full year here for people to adapt to this change).

  3. I noticed a large discrepancy in your statement that needs to be clarified: In the article you say that the bids expire on Oct.1st, but on the Dashboard it claims that “New individual bids placed now will expire oct. 31 2013 “. I’m not trying to be rude when I say this, but I suggest you clarify which date is correct before people become irritable, and for good reason.

  4. I truly like the idea of server bidding less for less time. It will still be about who’s willing to pay more, but since the duration will be less, you won’t have to pay $22,000 to be at the first place! Although I like this concept, i AM bummed that the server will not get the full, long duration, but then again it’s not like the duration will be 2 weeks 🙂 Or maybe it will, i dont know, looking forward to new info!

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