Minecraft Beginner’s Guide

Minecraft is a sandbox game, where players explore, wander, kill as they please. Although not knowing the basics of minecraft can be quite frustrating. This beginner’s guide is intended for complete beginners to Minecraft Survival Beta. It will cover the basics of crafting, and gathering recourses with the aid of many screen shots!

Before we start it is important that you go through these steps as fast as possible, because once night time falls in, it will be hard to see where you need to be doing. Harmful monsters will also start to roam the world.

First of all, you will need to start up your minecraft. You can do that either through web browser, or install the downloadable client.

Once you have joined the game, you will be spawned onto a fresh world. As you walk around the map will continue to generate.

[image 1 here]

Wood is one the essentials things that must be gathered in order to start your adverture. Wood is very useful on Minecraft. It is the primary item to build other items with, like doors, torches, tools, etc.
Look for some trees and cut a few down (Preferably 20 logs)
[image 2]

Once you have collected enough wood, Hunger is one of the added features in Beta 1.8.1. You can receive raw food from animals like cows, pigs or chickens. Go find one of those animals and kill them until you receive 5 raw food.
[image 3]

Once you have found enough food for your needs, open up your inventory. Take the logs you chopped down and and place it in the left box just like this image, and collect your new item “plank” by right clicking until there is no more logs available.
[image 4]
[image 5]

Create a Crafting Table with the recipe. You can place the planks by right clicking. The crafting table is used to create tool, armour and other items.
[image 6]

Create some sticks with this recipe. Stick are used to create signs, torches, and tools. You receive 4 sticks for every 2 planks.
[last image]

Now that you have both planks and sticks, we can now create a wood pick! Place you crafting table by right clicking on the ground when it is selected. Now right click again on the crafting table and you will receive a new interface with a box of 3×3.You can create better picks later on once you have mined the ore necessary. Pick are used to mine ore/rocks, such as Cobble, Stone, Coal, Iron…etc
[image 7]

We now have a functional wooden pickaxe, but wooden tools are not very good at all! Try finding some stone around and start mining them until you receive an amount of 64(1 stack).
[image 9]

Find some coal, so we can create some torches later on before it gets dark.
[image 8]

Once you have your coal, time to create torches! Torches provide light, and also stops monsters to spawn. (DO NOT use all the coal, as you will need them later on)
[image 12]

You can also create other tools, such as Axe, Shovel and many other things if you have the recipe. You can replace the planks on the image with your cobblestone you received from the stone that you mined earlier.
[image 10]
[image 11]

Now to quickly create a small house for yourself during the night, to be safe from harmful monsters. Use the shovel that you created earlier and mine some grass to receive dirt.
[image 15]

Create a door to keep monsters out of your house
[image 14]

Create a chest to store your items to safety. When you die, you drop all the items that were in your inventory. Keeping items in your chest, keeps you items safe. When you die you will not lose the items stored in your chest. (Create 2 chests and place them beside each other for more chest space!)
[image 13]

It seems you are becoming hungry! Once your food meter is empty, you will start losing health, which is not good at all! Now remember the raw food you gathered by killing animals? You will be using it now. But you must cook the food. Create a furnace with your cobblestone.
[image 16]

To cook your food place the items like this. The coal is used as a fire source.
[image 17]

That is the basics of what is recommended for beginners of Minecraft. From here on, you decide how you would like to explore the world/map. For ex. You may die later on, and lose sight of your house you created. You can create a beacon to make things a little easier when you start searching for your house.
[image 18]

Q: Can mobs(monsters) destroy blocks?
A: There has been a new mob added in the 1.8 adventure update called “Endermen”. These mobs are both harmful by both removing blocks and replacing them somewhere else and they explode.
Q: Can mobs open doors or climb?
A: For doors, not directly. They can open doors by stepping on pressure plates, however. They can climb ladders. Spiders can climb walls.
Q: can mobs reproduce?
A: No, they cannot. However, they may spawn in groups/herds.
Q: How big is the world?
A: The world is HUGE. Something that is worth noting, the world is generated as you explore.
Q: Who is Notch??
A: Notch is the creator of minecraft. He’s a guy that goes by the name Markus Alexej Persson.
Q: How can I take a screen shot?
A: Pressing f1 takes you into screenshot mode, meaning it will remove the image of you inventory, your hand, etc. To actually take the screen shot hit f2
Q: How can I see the FPS?
A: f3
Q: Am I able to change my minecraft controls?
A: Press esc/escape to pause. Go to options, and from there, you will be able to see an option of changing controls. Click on one of the controls to select that command and hit the key on your keyboard you want it to replace.