It can often be hard to judge if you guys can use a service like mine and if it is helping you to get even more players to your server. I get some e-mails now and then and luckily they are all positive.

I made this post to collect some testimonials from you all – Please let me and others know if this website is helping your server grow.

I will collect some of them and add to a seperate page some day with a reference the people who took the time to evaluate us.

Help me to help you get even more players to your server

Please just make a comment below if you have anything positive to say about Minecraft Server List 🙂
Make sure to mention your name, server and some feedback.

5 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Asmo here, owner of moosevalley.net (server: Play.MooseValley.net)
    Almost all of our traffic comes from minecraft-server-list.com and has been a very worthwhile investment. No other list can give you the bang for your buck (or votes) than this one. This list can also highlight some of the smaller (but well made) servers out there by the way they filter results.

  2. We use all lists we could find and ask people how they found us through our application process…… almost everyone come from here…90% at least, even though we have better placement on some of the other lists, this one is the BOSS.
    we also started inspiring our players to Vote on this site with votifier plugin so we can climb the list even more!
    thanks for all the players we get!

  3. Heyyy xdark here the owner of Vanilla ZED (currently down for maitnence) and the instant I put my server on here I gained 10 players is 5 minutes..Best and moat helpful server list there is…Keep up the work

  4. I am the owner of 0tx.org and 9tx.org. This website has been my favourite to advertise on, mainly because of the number of new players joining and the value provided by the current donation system.

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