Update log to publicly show the latest changes

I always make a lot of small updates and tweaks to this site – but I have not been good at keeping track on what changed and when. Soooo as a new thing, I have decided to make an Update Log that chronologically shows the different things that get changed on the site.

It will also contain a list of known issues I find or that are reported by users.

Now I just need to remember to update it each time I make some change 🙂

You can find the update log link in the bottom of all pages on the site.

10 thoughts on “Update log to publicly show the latest changes

  1. In regards to the update for the 28th of November 2013 I would like point out that the new voting captcha is proving to be a real pain, I got it wrong once and it won’t refresh. I have tried refreshing the page, everything, yet it still is stuck on the same one and even when I get it right the second time it says I’m wrong.

  2. so when are you gonna reply to my emails, i created a votifier for vanilla servers no jar modification but your list keeps throwing place off vanilla list. it works perfect on all list site except this one please fix it as vanilla servers can now use votifier due to my nodejs server

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