Update: Seperate Voting page, Add player via querystring

Ok, made a little update on the individual server pages. All voting is now pushed to a seperate page.
Vote for this server

When you click the green link on a server, it will take you to a new page, like this:


notice the /vote/ in the end of the link. And I have enhanced it a bit, so you directly from your own website (if you make players enter their name in a form, before they vote), send the playername along, like this:


The server list will fill in the playername in the correct field. This should make it faster for your players to vote.

This update will also speedup the actual server pages when they load up.

I will make the voting page a bit better over the day – bigger button and such.

Ohhh yeah – remember Votes will get reset in two days, so this is an excellent time to start voting!!

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