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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: dfmc.co

Top Survival Economy Server Since 2011!

Looking for a PvP server with an active player base Looking for a moving economy server Looking for a server with many player run towns DigitalForge is the server for you!

• Anti-grief
• Closed economy with market and no inflation
• Towns and nations
• mcMMO
• Creative plots including WorldEdit
• MobArena
• SkyBlock
• SkyWars
• Survival Games
• Friendly and helpful staff
• Active community
• Teamspeak

Stake your claim on part of the sprawling 40k×40k map either on your own or as a citizen of a town. After ranking up a few times you can even make your own town nation! Dont worry, ranking up isnt hard. DigitalForge is also an anti-grief server. Admins will gladly roll back any griefs should they occur. Our creative server features spacious plots that include WorldEdit access. Rank up on the survival server with a combination of in game currency, known as digits, and mcMMO skill levels your rank will carry over to the others.

DigitalForges economy is virtually exploit proof. All transactions are logged and can quickly be reversed if necessary with the exploiter receiving bans. Your digits retain their value over time too, theres a limited supply of digits outstanding inflation is closely monitored. This supply has remained constant for over a year. Items are bought sold on the market, no admin shops with infinite quantity. The server also buys certain items, albeit at a discount to the market price.

Unlike other servers, staff here only have the extra abilities necessary to do their jobs. Theyre still players like everyone else. Each staff member has earned their position and new staff are chosen based on merit, not applications.

Were hosted on dedicated hardware with ample capacity, not cheap Minecraft hosting. No Enjin website or remote rented TeamSpeak. All major services are self hosted in order to optimize performance user experience. DigitalForge also features many custom plugins not found anywhere else. 50+ are exclusive to DigitalForge! Additions are constantly being made and feedbacksuggestions are always welcome.

At DigitalForge, donations are just that, donations. Server staff will never pressure anyone to donate. DigitalForge prides itself in not being a pay to win server. Donators are not given special treatment over non-donators.

Our active, friendly community is constantly growing eager to welcome new members log in and join us!

Creative: cr.dfmc.co
MobArena: ma.dfmc.co
SkyBlock: sb.dfmc.co
SkyWars: sw.dfmc.co
FTB Infinity: ftb.dfmc.co
Teamspeak: dfmc.co

DFMarket, Dynmap, LWC, mcMMO, MobArena, Towny, Treasure Hunt, and More!