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Hey Everyone!

Absentee23 here from CakeMine.net, and I want to let everyone know about my awesome Survival Economy server! Everyone is free to build anywhere in the wild, but it is unprotected. Everyone gets a free small plot (which is protected), but must earn money to buy larger plots if you want to build larger stuff! Shop plots and ChestShops let people build and run their own shop to earn money from other players. Jobs lets players earn money just by miningfarmingslaughtering monsters, and sell makes sure nothing goes to waste, as you can sell any common items to the server for a small profit. Weve also recently added a Casino for players to win money or prizes at! You can also just play pure survival, head out to the wild and do your thing.

Stay in the Safe Zone, buy, sell and trade with people (or sell to the server) to increase your balance, then buy plots to build a shop or bigger house.


Leave the safe zone and make your way to The Wild to mine ores, gather supplies, or grief other peoples creations in the wild. Thats right destruction is allowed and ENCOURAGED outside the protected safe-zone.

PvP is disabled everywhere but the arena though, so without a way to protect your structures, bring your loot back to the safe zone and build amazing structures or grow your fortune by selling loot at your store!

You can connect right now by pointing your Minecraft client to CakeMine.net (no port number needed)

- 50 Slots 247
- Survival Mode only
- Spigot for Speed (updates with stable versions of Spigot)
- Mature Admins
- mcMMO
- mcJobs
- WorldGuard
- Lockette ChestDooretc. Protection
- SelfService Plot buying
- Economy
- Casino
- Warp Signs
- Plots
- Premium Features Available
- Dynamic Map
- Player Stats Tracking
- Teamspeak
- Forum

I really hope to see some of you on the server, and look forward to talking to you in-game.

Again: The IPAddress to connect is CakeMine.net (no port number needed)
Additional Notes
CakeMine Survival [PvE][Plots][Economy][mcMMO][Jobs][Shops][Casino]

MCMMO, dynmap, mobarena, worldguard, griefprevention, vault, Lockette, Bloodmoon, PlayerHeads, Stats, ChestShop