Edgecraft FTB 1.14.4

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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play:

Feed the Beast Pack: Direwolf20 v1.0.6

Our community has been growing smaller over the years so we have thought to reach out to you guys for more people.

Applications required
Name, Age, Skype, Play-style (Magic, Tech, Builder, Programmer, etc), Game Experience, List of games you play, Why you want to join, Will you be willing to make skinsfan art for the server, What is your favorite mod from the pack, Location, Sex (this will not affect anything).

We will not discriminate on race or any problems you may have (within reason). I do not want a copy paste of the requirements filled out but instead at least a large paragraph as to all the before mention things. (the more thought out and nicely done it is the better of a chance you have). To prove you read this, put the phrase coo coo cachoo in your app. Any information about the server will be given out once accepted. if not accepted please dont spam hateful comments. (We reserve any right to not accept you withing reason). Email me you submissions at [email protected]

Rules: No Greifing, Pvp only on an agreed basis, Pranking is aloud but no tnt or again greifing, Dont make ugly trees. Dont not have fun. No stealing. No unnecessary lag (We will check periodically).