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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: play.dawnfirerealms.net

DFR offers serious, mature roleplay survival in a realistic dark fantasy world inspired by the lore of Fall from Heaven II. We have 4 main races with MCMMO and Heroes offering 129 possible tier6 combinations of race dependent combat classes and 3 tier6 professions. For a settlement to be self-sufficient it only needs 3 characters with the tier8 professions: Enchanter, Engineer and Forgemaster!
Our extensive plugin set offers heroes, mcmmo, conquestiamobs, mcmmo, towny, craftbook, ships, a precious things economy and many more realism enhancing features. We also have a trusted rank system offering perks for our most dedicated players, who rankup though playing, voting andor donating.

On March 10 we have opened a dream world for all to join called Somnium during alpha. On June 6th we declared beta phase and on September 21st we launched a new and bigger 16k16k! carefully selected vanilla seeded map for Somnium. Check out our Live Map @ [url]play.dawnfirerealms.net:8123[url] !
Somnium is the world where you all Souls can enjoy the experience of our plugin set and the enlightening presence of the other community members, moderators Guardians and administrators Seraphs. All players will start in a spawn town, Astarte, on Somnium.
We are also creating a huge 32k32k! custom designed map for our mortal world Vesperus. That will be whitelisted and requires a dedicated character bio. Whitelisted players Mortals wil be allowed to travel there through Nemesis. Somnium will not be disbanded and will remain non-whitelisted and a training ground for both roleplay and survival.

Since Somnium launch we have build a decent roleplayer base, we have significantly expanded our staff team and build a decent plugin set that supports realistic immersive roleplay survival.

If youre interested, check out our website where you can register required to play.
We are still looking to strengthen our staff team. If you feel you could add to DawnFire Realms, either apply for a position as Aide builder or send a pm to a Seraph in case youre interested in helping out with coding, graphics andor our wiki.
If your website registration is not completed, you will only be able to join with the rank Entity. That rank allows only for very limited interaction, like: no breaking or building. An approved character application will be required later on, to play on Vesperus.

On Sept. 21st 2014 we launched a new Somnium Vanilla seeded map of 16k16k ... and parts of Somnium are still uncolonized, even today.
Players that havent played since before Sept. 21st havent lost anything. Their characters can stuff their inventories with all their valuables and do spawn to start in the new Somnium world.

The overall set-up:

- A non-whitelisted starting world for all players where almost all plugins and gameplay rules are active, except our dedicated character death thingie. Roleplay rules will be a little less strict.
- Somnium has its own player-made lore and is a free-to-build survival world.
- Four main races: Human, Elf, Dwarf and Orc. Heroes combat class tier1 determines your race. Players will have to select their race here, also for Nemesis and Vesperus. Choose carefully!
- By definition we use the term knockout when a steves health bar reaches zero and MC announces death. Character death is decided upon by either the player or staff. Character reroles require an approved new char bio.
- It offers a place to play while Nemesis and Vesperus are being set up. It will not be disbanded after launch of Vesperus and players can forge new nations and add dedicated Somnium-based lore. Only restriction is that all characters must have a background on Erebus, whence they came.
- Astarte, Somniums spawn town, holds a Nether Portal and eventually will also hold a portal to Nemesis, accessible for all whitelisted Mortals.

- This is where Dagda and Cassiel receive the Mortals that emerge from the Rift and prepare them for their new life on Vesperus.
- Open for Mortals and higher ranked players. The Mortal rank is acquired after approval of a whitelist application for Vesperus. The whitelisting procedure has not formally started yet. It will commence when Vesperus launch is announced.
- Nemesis is a small world with portals to the capitals of the nations on Vesperus. It will hold additional tutorial information and possibly a few minigames later on.
- No Nether portal. One End portal, to be set-up later as soon as a lore-based event has announced its creation.
- A portal that allows Mortals to return to Somnium.

- The mortal main world, where players make new Vesperus lore.
- Our server lore connects both history and future of the world and the characters to the lore of Erebus, the world of Fall from Heaven II.
- Somnium characters can be restarted on Vesperus.
- Five starting nations: Grigori, Doviello, Ljosalfar, Khazad and the Clan of Embers. Others may rise from the peoples that enter from The Rift, who may wish to rebuild the shattered nations of Erebus they were forced to leave, or found completely new ones.
- Characters gain hardiness from levelling up, but lose hardiness at each knockout and from aging. Characters eventually die when their hardiness drops below zero.
- Nether portals and portals to Nemesis in each Nation capital.


Level up your steve to tier6 in both combat class and profession to become the most powerful, skilled and respected character on Somnium or Vesperus.

Races, combat classes and professions managed with Heroes. There are 31-38 combat classes per race, with some unique classes per race. At tier 6 there are 149 possible combinations of combat class and profession.

Skills managed with both Heroes and MCMMO. Learn active skills and spells to use in combat and enhance your skills to more effectively wield weapons and unlock crafting abilities.

Combine forces to explore the vast worlds of DawnFire Realms and establish your own settlements. Forge alliances and nations.

Make friends and be cautious while levelling up in early game. Don’t neglect thirst and the physics of the lands. Dirt slides, cobble falls and pumpkins roll.
And dont underestimate mob strength: the further you travel from a spawn point, the stronger mobs get! Use the strengths of your combat class and specialize your combat strategy.

Establish a brewery, run an inn and get drunk with your fellow guild members. Or become a master of enchantment or the towns forges and make a fortune crafting valuable items that require very special skills.

Explore creation in organized team reconnaissance missions to bring home the treasures of the most extreme ecosystems of Vesperus.

A dedicated team plans and organizes events, quests and dungeons!

Enjoy and become part of us ...

See you on DawnFire Realms!

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