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GameNerdz Minecraft Server  Survival  Creative  Hardcore  City  Economy  Guns  And much more! No mods required!  Deion:  Gamenerdz Minecraft server is a Servee with no specific gamestyle. Its not just Survival, Creative, or Hardcore. Its a Server about Fun, For all ages. I made this server for my new Gaming community, GameNerdz ( Right now gamenerdz only has one server, this one. we are hoping to expand in the future. The server is in a developmental stage, its small, it has its kinks from plugins bugging out and not working, its still a work in progress, but its still fun. The server has a 91-94% chance of uptime (as long as mojang does not do what.they did with 1.7.2 again!). You can visit our website at Http:// for Server updates, news, community updates and more! Please note that some guns in the server require purchase, to buy (if you want. it helps expand the community, Visit See you on the server!  How to build and do stuff on the server:  Players start out as Guestrank. Guests cannot Build. To become a user and apart of our community, as soon as you spawn Turn LEFT. Read the signs and follow the instructions. This method is temporary (Im learning how to make commands xD) so yeah.  Comments, Ideas, Conserns  Contact Me at at;  [email protected]  If its a problem with players ingame (Griefing, etc)  use the report command (Look up Reporter bukkit on google for command help, if you have to you can send it to my email. it may take longer through.

Essentials, Dynmap, MCMmo, Crackshot, Buycraft, And More