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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: mc.b-zone.ro


Hello everybody,
Are you in searching of a Survival RPG Minecraft server, with no lag, a serious and mature staff.
The solution is B-Zone Minecraft Survival RPG Server! We are the biggest community in Romania, you can see a lot of informations of our community on our forum: forum.b-zone.ro.
Lets get back to our minecraft server! I will tell you some of the main facilities of this server:
-mc.b-zone.ro is a PvP Server, with a very attractive PVP arena.
- The advantage of a PvP server is that when you made the most beautiful house on the server you can focus on PvP items and youll never get bored to kill the other players, and rule the server at PvP.
- RPG is introduced by mcMMO, Jobs and Factions, it helps you to interact with other players and make new friends to enjoy the best server together.
-Daily Events: Everyday the B-Zone Staff make events for the players, like Spleef, Parkour, PVP and more.
-No Lag: The server never has lag/
- Online: 24/7
-Shop with all you want
- Official factions like Hitman or Reporters
- Contract system: A player can put a contract at other player, of course with money, and a hitman will kill that player and take the money for that contract.
* After 72h of playing on this server you will be autoranked-up to Advanced Member and you have the chance to be a helper
*After 240h of playing on this server you will be autoranked-up to Expert and you can be a faction leader or if you are helper you can be promoted to Moderator.
*After 600h of playing on this server you will be autoranked-up to Veteran.
-In bookshelf you can store your enchanted books or your novel books, if you are a talented writer.
-If you buy VIP you have multiple inventories and many other facilities (but not administrative and no gamemode)
-You have a scoreboard that logs your Kills and Deaths and every week the best PVP-er with the best Kills-Deaths Ratio is awarded.
-You can enjoy fighting with mobs at Mob Arena with your friends and you gain a reward.
-Random Spawn - you can click on a sign named RSpawn and you will be teleported at a random location
-Warp to 4 biomes (If you want to make your house in jungle you can go there directly from spawn)
-No whitelisted
-FORUM: forum.b-zone.ro, when you want to take a rest from playing minecraft, you can visit the community forum with more categories, you can read articles and have fun with other 300.000+ members.
- Business: We have 3 business and we will add more to have the best economy over the minecraft servers world. This businesses are:
* Live Company
* Advert Company
* B-Zone Hospital
- If you want to make an event, you just type /requestevent (or /re) and a Staff Member will accept your request
- If you want to speak on Global Chat you must type /g or if you want to place an Advert you must type /ad.
- When you are joining the server for the first time, you are PVP Protected and also you can deactivate this protection.[/font]


-Hunger Games events
-More automatic games
This is a mainly presentation of B-Zone Minecraft Server, and we wait for you to join us.

IP ADRESS: mc.b-zone.ro
FORUM ADRESS: forum.b-zone.ro

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