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The Foxs Den is an adult-oriented, community led Creative server. Started shortly after the owners favorite server systematically burned down in flames because of absolutely pointless drama, she decided, “Naw. Im not gonna search for another to-be failure. Im gonna make my own.” And so she did.Created with this, and the annoyances of other past servers, in mind, The Foxs Den is a place that hopes to avoid all that. To avoid those nasty little players who just barely skirt the rules. To avoid pointless staff drama, such as an admin whos unpopular with the community, yet has managed to weasel his way in to a high position somehow. To avoid unfair cash shop-esque donation systems, exclusionary ranking methods, and every other annoyance or mistake or failing that every other server has ever made.Of course, being a new server run by someone new to owning a server, we - the staff - will likely muck up every now and again. Or a lot. But, thats where you come in. Yes, you. The player. The valued member. Or any other clichéd manner of addressing the reader. This is a constant work in progress, and wee hoping that youll help us with it. Have a problem with the server Found a glitch A staff member being abusive Even if its the owner themselves, or a very high-ranking member, bring it straight to the forums, we literally have sections dedicated to all the above. We want to hear your complaints, until there is no need for you to complain.Now, to address one other very important matter. You may have noticed adult-oriented up there. Thats right, wee not necessarily safe for work, or good as babbys frist mincewaft sewvewr. We welcome players who are new to the game, of course! Just, the younger audience, and those who might invite the younger audience Be wary. We swear, here. We expect you to act maturely. We allow and even encourage people to build masterpieces that tackle controversial topics – everything from nudity to works about horrific historical events will be fully accepted here if taken on with suitable elegance.So, does this interest you If so, check out our website at http:foxsden.enjin.comhome and read through the server information and server ranks tabs. And if you have any more questions, or think theres information we left out somewhere, feel free to hop on and ask! Most likely, well answer you, then add the information in the proper place. Unless its already there, and you missed it. Then thats on you. Get better eyes.We look forward to seeing you online!