Pinchcliffe SMP 1.16.5

Pinchcliffe SMP
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About Us
We aim to be a small-medium sized survival server with an oldschool feel. We like the relaxed community atmosphere that comes with being part of a small-medium sized survival server. The server has been around for about 7 years. Both the server and the community have evolved greatly over this time and still continues to do so.

We are a PvE server with no griefing and no PvP though we do have a PvP arena. We aim to keep a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, and try not to stray too far from the base game by adding dozens of extravagent, elaborate and complicated plugins.

We do however, have a few plugins in place to make the survival experience even more enjoyable, such as mcMMO, Economy.


Server Info
Slots: 100
Notable Plugins: ChestShop, CoreProtect, Essentials, Jobs, mcMMO, MobArena, WorldGuard MobArena, GriefPrevention


1. No hacking bug abuse exploits
2. No griefing stealing from other players homes chests
3. No spamming
4. Treat all players with respect
5. No cursing foul language in excess
6. No advertising Servers
7. Dont beg for staff ranks items
8. Dont impersonate staff members lie about staff decisions
9. No overcrowded mob traps animal farms

Spigot, Landlord, Economy, ChestShops, Jobs, mcMMO, MobArena, CoreProtect, WorldGuard