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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: lionheartmc.net

Come Join Lionheart Skyblock! IP: Lionheartmc.net! Our server is intended to be fun and friendly. Owners and Admins are on daily.

LionheartMC is a long running user friendly Minecraft server. Starting out with only Skyblock we have grown over the years into a much larger server consisting of 4 different servers: Skyblock, Survival, Hardcore, and Plots. All of which are easily accessible via the /server command.

-Skyblock: Typical Skyblock with a bit of a twist. Three different starting islands giving you a variety of ways to start your Island along with the inclusions of McMmo and Island levels, you will always have something to compete for and work towards. Skyblock also has a multitude of challenges that come in various difficulties and tiers.

-Survival: Essentially Vanilla Minecraft. Survive, make money, and build the best metropolis out there. Plugins range from McMmmo and Griefprotection, to Essentials and Autorank.

-Hardcore: This difficult game mode centers on completing a weekly challenge and making money while battling to stay alive. Normal regen is turned off, making it so that the only way of regaining hearts is by using golden apples, potions, or totems of undying. If you die, you get banned from this part of the server until the next Friday, so be careful! Each week you will have a chance to spend the money you make to buy items to better aid in your survival.

-Plots: Normal plots, creative mode with a 100x100 plots that you can do what you like with. Donating grants you access to World Edit commands for faster and easier building.

We have a good variety of game modes to suit everyones taste as well as a very dedicated player base and staff. There are build contests on the plots server held regularly and our site is a great way to get familiar with the rules and regulations of each server: http://www.lionheartmc.net/home.

We have a small welcoming community and would love to have you!

Skyblock: Areashop, BetterShops, mcMMO Survival, Vanilla, GriefPrevention