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What is MLG Fortress

MLG Fortress is a Minecraft server that aims to be an overall fun server. This means that it is not restricted to any particular gamemode. Whatever particular gameplay elements the community wants to add is generally added to the server.

No particular gamemode Then whats the theme of this server

As indicated by the servers name, the prominent theme primarily involves MLG Montage parodies and memes. In fact, most of the server is intended to be a parody of todays memetastic internet culture, if thats a thing.

Wait, memes A server centered around memes

Yes. I know, first of its kind. I have yet to find another memetastic server. The idea is that mostly every moment of your experience is a memetastic one while on the server.

But you arent writing in memes, how can I trust u!!11

Yea Im not the best when it comes to talking in meme-speak when Im answering questions or giving information. I tri sumtimes, doe.

Alright, so whatchu got
A ton of things - and we keep adding more as time goes on and removing some that are too well overdone. Woah, that rhymed.
- Portal guns
- A semi-custom factions-like raiding gamemode
- Bending
- Custom health thingy
- Crackshot guns
- Trading cards
- Semi-custom meme pack u can halp wit dat 2!!
- Ur standard-base slimefun
- Ur not-so-standard exotic gardens
- Damage indicators
- Hitmarkers
- Hitsounds
- Overwatch references
- Used to have some Borderlands 2 references
- Other references to other games cuz we r Major Leege Gammin amirite
- Semi-custom healthbarz
- mcMMO but doesnt spam chat!!
- Oh did I mention the Portal gun was a reference to Portal
- Custom chat bubbles I made meself me so proud :DDDD
- Strange weapons
- That one is a TF2 reference
- Tonz moar

Ayyy dats sum gud stoof, but I know sumthing bettar dat I can add 2 da serbur. R u accepting staff plz

Yes indeed my m8. Not only do you get 2 add plogenz, but u can configure dem 2! And its all done online, so no need 2 figure out FTP stuff. Apply here m80! http://bit.ly/mlgapply

Also I have zero idea why minecraft-server-list removes punctuation like questions marks and periods. Probably cuz dis sites editing tools/filter really sux, sadly, and the owner claims SRV records work when they... um, dont, lol.

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