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No Nonsense
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The No Nonsense server was created out of the love for the superflat mode of gameplay, but with a desire for a richer experience where all block types and most mobs types are available. It goes one step further by adding player challenges, ranks, unique objects, and altered vanilla mechanics that are sure to provide an enjoyable and different Minecraft experience than what most players are used to.

- Superflatish. Looks and feels like vanilla superflat at first glance, but packs many surprises.
- 64 layers of dirt, stone, and ore beneath your feet.
- Many different custom dungeons and other underground structures.
- Strongholds are present, as is The End. A dragon egg is spawned with each dragon death.
- Most blocks are available either for purchase at spawn or by modified mob drops.
- All mobs are available, including those that are normally not available in superflat.
- Hard mode gameplay style, with zones radiating from spawn that increase monster difficulty, but provide greater reward.
- Severe death penalty. When you die you lose all your inventory. There are spawn purchases available that can safeguard you from this.
- Hostile mobs drop soul shards, which allow for the purchase of helpful and time-saving items from the spawn shop.
- 238 unique player challenges ranging from very easy to jaw dropping difficult.
- Player ranks based on challenge completion.
- Challenge tribute monument at spawn displays the player head for the top eight players.
- Wealth system that tracks your riches or lack of them.
- Challenging spawn parkour.
- Land claim protection. Other players cant grief your hard work.
- Ability to change the biome of your land claim and gain access to natural spawnsmushroom cows, ocelots, and wolves!
- Established community.
- Never pay-to-win.
- Located in the USA.

- Be respectful to everyone.
- Mature behavior is expected.
- No hacking or x-ray.
- No spam, excessive use of caps, or advertising.
- Swearing should be kept to a minimum.
- Underground bases must have some sort of surface presence to indicate to other players that theres a nearby claim.
- Do not build close to other players without their permission. If you can see them, or think you might see them if you expand your or they expand their claim, you are too close.
- Though there are claims, if something is clearly player made and isnt yours, dont mess with it without permission.