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Remnants of an old Minecraft community friends based on InfiniD Ware IDW server. Forums discussion.
New IDW IP Address 2016:
Disclaimer: New InfiniD Ware 2016 does not represent original InfiniD Ware 2013-14 or HSMSEville 2012. It is currently being maintained by Muhsinun Chowdhury and some of the original members of the community.
NorthWeapon/Syed is not part of the new server but checks up on the group from time to time.

Noteable Members:
Virre, Mork, Denis the Dentist, Mew Mew, Lil Ari, Alehandro Haviergh, mw3u, Kyle Christian Orilla, Dexter Tan.
There are many others but I forgot them. Do remind me.

Original Owner: NorthWeapon [Syed Nashik Aman] 2012
Original Co-Owner: a101ghost [Ali Kermali] 2013

NEW____________________________________________________________________infinid-ware is a server that you start with nothing and you slowly gain permission so you start out as dirt and you slowly get permission to go and do stuff so you have to unlock it first we plan on making it have a server hub and having more stuff but we are currently waiting on multiverse to update and be fully functional with minecraft 1.10.2 spigot so please be paceint with us and we are a offline-mode server and we have skins so come join us it will be tuns of fun and me as the owner I cant wait to see you on and any recommend dations you give me I will look in to so be sure to recommend some plugins to make the server better
And have a wonderful day