MythiXCraft - 1.16.4

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We are a small kitpvp server looking to expand and gain more loyal players. We strive to make everyone happy whilst still being unique. By implementing things that usually are never implmented on kitpvp servers, revolutionizing the genre itself is our goal! Now that you know that, youre probably wanting me to elaborate on this revolution.

Its simple really.

I add in plugins that nobody pays attention to that could prove useful.

For example, have you ever seen Quests

Of course.

What about on a kitpvp server Heck no! Of course this is one example. We want to add more, but thats where you come in. What you want is more important than what I think you want or what I want myself. Developing this server by using your comments and recommendations is the only way we could ever get close to being successful.

Besides having an interesting gamemode, we also want to keep everything in order. Enforcing rules, fixing glitches/bugs, keeping things updated and challenging, is something that our server pays so much attention to. I honestly think that all servers should, because you, the player, should never be bored. Thats when you see someone insulting the server then leaving. Of course, maybe they shouldnt have been so harsh but maybe there was some truth in it.

Even though its hard, keeping things interesting is a priority that we have.

I hope to see you there!