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The Pixel Era
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-About Us-
The Pixel Era is a very relaxed community
of mature players that love to come online,
build and chat with each other. Were a
Semi-Vanilla server meaning we try to keep
things as close to the original style of
gameplay as we can, this includes building
everything by hand. However we do have a
few exceptions, with plugins such as McMMO,
ChestShop, and Grief Prevention. these are
all lightweight plugins that enhance our
gaming experience and connect our

-Players We Want-
Although we are a Whitelist server we
welcome allsorts of people, we love players
who are looking to make a difference.
Players that want to get involved in the
community and contribute by being an active
member on our website, building things in
game for the community, hosting server
events, or something as simple as owning
a shop. we are looking for players that want
to be part of a community, not just players
who are focused on themselves.

-Rules and Regulations-
• Be curteous and Respect others.
• Dont use tools that give you an unfair advantage.
• One user per account.
• Dont Grief. This includes stealing / hurting players pets.
• Respect the landscape. Remember to replant trees.
• Dont build random towers or shafts in the world.
• No random killing, this will result in jail time.
• Dont build anything to harm other players. Traps
• Dont build next to someone without their permission.
• Remember to keep a polite tone in chat.

-How to Apply-
You must leave a comment on this thread answering the
following questions! We will review your application and get
back to you as soon as possible!

-Application Format-
ign :
Age :
What intrests you about us :
Tell us a little about yourself:
How will you contribute to our community :

_-_-You can also apply on our website for a faster approval-_-_