Beneberak 1.16.5

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Born from the ashes comes Beneberak Sons of Lightning, a community where we train ourselves to fight hackers and to beat the crap out of the abusers. We dont tolerate cheating neither pay2win or any kind of cruel manipulation.
We are warriors and we are thirsty for the good fight!

Now more seriously we are a community who tries to improve real life habits bringing up a positive cooperational environment in a very harsh and bloody Minecraft land. We love difficulties because they make us grow as individuals and as a community.
The real thug ones are the ones who stay and fight!

Simply our server has hard mode on which means deaths are punished. There is more! Players can organize themselves for a better survival chance.
This thug modality help us for training our mind and courage.

We want you to feel motivated again, not only by playing Minecraft but also in real life this is why we have our own blog about healthy physiological and psychological legal hacks. Clean your mind, eat better, sport in a friendly way, study tips from a medicine student, good relationships with the people around you... bassically a well-balanced life.

We just use our love for Computational Sciences, Medicine and Minecraft to unchain people from their emprisoned life. Creating this server is a way of playing our creative game Minecraft, a way of approaching people who might not have a healthy life especially gamers community, educating people to develop individual and cooperative skills that may help them in their future careers and also a way of earning money to keep our websites and server always online. Yes, we also want your money. Its not a secret. Support us only if you love it.