Five Facet Fun 1.12.2

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Five Facet Fun:
A fun, adventurous Steven Universe Role Play Server.

Lots of Credit to [Head-Dev] Sodalite aka Joke_A_Coca389 for creating many of the amazing command block systems that make the server great!

Steven Universe:

Go explore the world of Steven Universe!
Every player will be given the option to Choose a nicknameA Gem or Human Name
Humans get to work jobs in beach city and supply the general server community with great, kind service as well as go explore the world themselves.
GemsDefault Choice get to choose a Gem Weapon, whether they are a rebel or homeworld gem and go around visiting ancient gem sites looking for monsters to fight off.

Steven Universe RPG Includes:
Steven Universe Minecraft MapMade By FFF Builders and Staff
Gem NamesYou can request a name change if youre not satisfied with your current Gem name
Gem WeaponsFor Gems Only, after choosing, go to first slot, and look up
Physical WeaponsCan be used for both Gems and Humans
FusionAvailable to all players, turn powers on8th slot look up then hold fusion starin 9th slot with partners
Diamond CourtsGems Only
ShapeshiftingAll Players
Corruption/UnCorruption PowersDiamonds OnlySometimes pearls if their diamond so wishes.
PoofingGems Only,Gemstone varies depending on Gems Color
BubblingGems only. Sneak near a poofed gem to pick up the gem. hold gem in 7th slot, and look up to bubble, drop bubble to send off and get 150
Warp Pads2nd slot hold sneak to activate the warp pad

Coming Soon:
Human Specialties