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Reprise of the Fallen
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RReprise of the Fallen is a 1.12.2 Anarchy pack, featuring tech mods with a dash of magic on the side as magic mods like thaumcraft are finished, we will be adding them to the pack as well.

Modpack link:

Thermal Expansion, Ender IO, Industrialcraft, ICBM... the list is way too big to even list here! Check out the technic modpack page to see if your favorite mods are present!

Our server is dedicated to providing a classic and timeless way to enjoy minecraft mods pure chaos.
You might find a players base minutes after spawning in, and be able to dive in even quicker!
Bring friends on with you, forge alliances, but whatever you do dont turn your back for too long. You never know WHO might be evil!

Anarchy means that there are no claims or towns, and raiding and griefing is allowed and possibly encouraged.
With galacticraft and extra planets, the best way to protect your base is to visit untouched worlds and hide them away.

Towny, Craftconomy3, CratesPlus, Votifier, Buycraft, Worldguard, PhatLoots, ChestShop, LWC, ServerSigns, RandomTeleport, Essentials, etc