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Welcome To MysteriaCraft

Server Address: Play.MysteriaCraft.Com


Mysteriacraft is a server based on a family friendly community for all ages to play. We offer a variety of events, custom mobs, and features for the whole family to enjoy. We are constantly adding more fun adventures for everyone to enjoy with the latest update coming soon for Creative, Skyblock, and Prison so be sure to check us out if you like a family friendly community.

MysteriaCraft Features:

Family Friendly
We strive to create a close-knit community that is welcoming to all age groups and our staff is always striving to make your gametime enjoyable.

Slimefun + Exotic Garden
Slimefun is a plugin that allows players to craft unique machines and items using matierals that are unlike vanilla gameplay. The addon to slimefun, Exoctic garden brings plants to life! Be your own mini farmer with crops like corn, cabbage, and strawberries!

Do you like fighting mobs and earning custom items/gear Then our dungeons are for you. We focus on a group based dungeon so you, your family, and friends can work together and defeat our Boss mobs and their minions.

The People of Mysteria love to have friendly events and compete against each other to try to make it to the top. We offer building competions, fishing competions, trivias, etc. to entertain not only your gameplay but, also your mind. It adds excitement and other advantages then just survival.

Mythic Drops
Monsters will drop unique weapons, armor, and tools that can be used to help you during your time on Mysteria.

Mythic Mobs
Special Monsters roam the world that are unlike vanilla mobs. Some are hard, some are easy. Will you be able to defeat them

Grief Prevention
Our server has a strict no raiding or griefing policy. You may not grief or raid unclaimed builds. We take pride in our friendly community and do not by any means allow others to ruin or take away things from our players.

99.99 Uptime

Mythic Drops, McMMO, Jobs, Slimefun, Advanced Achievments, Mythic Mobs, Lottery, CratePlus