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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: s175969.enmc.pl

- Very hard difficulty level
- No health self-regeneration
- Faster and realistic hunger + drinking water
- Realistic and comfortable trees chopping
- Longer and realistic day/night cycle
- Slower and realistic crops growth
- Large biomes, all 42 biomes within borders
- Survival from scratch, random spawn area
- True hard survival, no /tp, no /kit etc.
- No coords, maps and compass navigation
- Private land claims with golden shovel
- Up to 250 special server achievements to gain
- Premium players only, version 1.14.4 Spigot
- High-end server hosted 24/7 in Poland

- PvP allowed outside admin claim
- No ugly buildings above the ground
- No spamming, insulting or advertising
- No heavy lagging redstone auto-devices
- No law-breaking behavior, buildings and skins
- No cheating e.g. x-ray, fly, mini-map with coords
- Polish or English speaking on chat including Discord
- Breaking any of the rules may cause permanent ban
- Cheating in any form guarantees permanent ban