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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: play.instant-craft.com

Instant-Craft is a Minecraft Server based in the United States, focused on giving you the very best playing experience of any Minecraft Server.
To provide you with this, we make sure of the following:

- Anti-Cheat:
We keep our Anti-Cheat up to date and block the latest exploits to prevent cheaters from ruining your game.

- Quick Bug Patches:
Our games run without any known bugs or glitches, and anytime a glitch is found and reported, it is patched ASAP.

- Everything is one server:
There are no complicated BungeeCord setups that are hard to navigate and learn, every game can be accessed by going to the Hub or using the /warp command.

- Custom plugins only where it is needed:
We do not use 100 custom plugins. We also use plugins like Essentials and WorldEdit as they are well-known and easy to learn, as there is no use in making a custom plugin when most players already know how to use these.

- 1 Donator Rank and no Unfair Advantages:
At Instant-Craft, there are no complicated donation systems with multiple ranks to choose from, you either have the Donator Rank or you dont, thats it!
Being a Donator only provides you with cool custom features and more commands, instead of giving you a higher advantage over players who have not donated.

We strive to make sure you have the best experience possible.
If you dont, we want to hear why! Our Website is always up and when leaving feedback or contacting staff, you can expect a reply within a few hours.

We are open to and welcome Suggestions, Feedback, and Constructive Criticism.

Want to give Instant-Craft a shot Join with the IP play.instant-craft.com