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The Wasteland server is designed for children of all ages to be able to have fun in a common online universe with others and in a safe environment.
The server is managed by Signe and Michael, we are both parents of children on the server and we are helping to keep an eye on that everyone is having fun. We have previously had MineCraft server running for a couple of years and Michael has been around in the online game universe for the past 20 years, where he has also managed servers for various online games. Signe is an experienced online player, and is among other things helping to manage a large clan of about 150 people in the game Dungeons Dragons - Neverwinter Online. In short, we have experience in how a good mood is achieved and how best to avoid or solve conflicts.
We have Whitelist, this means that you have to be approved to play with us, this is done by joining Discord on . All we need is your name in MineCraft. This is because we want to know who plays with us, and thus make sure there is always a good atmosphere in the game. We provide the address of our world when you are added to the player list.
We have no rules as such, we expect, of course, to talk nicely and not destroy other players things.
We have some extensions on the server that make the experience a little more fun, most extensions are not something the players have to think about, as we try to keep it as simple as possible. And otherwise you can ask for help.

Advanced Portals, Coreprotect, Craftbay, Dynmap, Essentials, Jobs Reborn, Modern-LWC, Multiverse, PopulationDensity, QuickShop, Residence, UltimateTimber, Worldborder, mcMMO, mcMMOJorses, Worldguard