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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: qnetmc.us

Looking for a new, small, inclusive Minecraft server? Welcome to Qnet! We welcome all people regardless of who you are. We are an mcMMO Towny survival server where PVP is enabled outside of Towns but you keep items on death. We also have a Plot World set up, with your number of plots based on your rank. We have both creative and survival plots.

- Towny
- mcMMO
- Economy/Shop
- PlotSquared Survival Creative
- WorldEdit in the Plot World Member+
- Generous Ranks - /enderchest, /craft, and more! Member+
- Keep Items On Death
- Mines! Get ores quickly! Mine depends on rank.
- Lag-free Professional Hosting

Here are the rules: No slurs or hate speech. We want everyone to feel safe here, so generally just be nice. Any action that condones or promotes hatred will face severe consequences. More rules available in-game with /rules command. Please note that builds constructed outside of Towns, if damaged, may or may not be reversed by admins. Please protect yourself by building in a Town.

AutoRank System: We have a system that automatically promotes you based on time played. Simply do /playtime to see your playtime and do /ranks to see what perks each rank gets.

We hope to see you soon!