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Reapers Return is a Modern MMORPG server with tons of custom content! The server is constantly being developed, so you can expect a lot of updates! Here are some of our features:

- Guns
- Assault Rifles
- Sniper Rifles
- Rocket Launchers
- Handguns
- And Much More! Over 100 different types of guns!
- Drugs
- Jobs
- Police Officer Handcuffs and Tazers
- Gangster Find the Black Market
- Rebel Overthrow the Government!
- Soldier
- President
- CIA AWESOME job, youll have to try it out to find out
- Exams
- Cars
- Boats
- Planes
- Helicopters
- Gas Station Robberies
- Bank Robberies
- Companies
- AreaShop
- Brewery
- Slimefun
- Lockpickable Doors
- Bodyguards
- Custom Enchants
- Diseases and Cures
- Marriage
- Elevators
- Lottery
- Bosses
- Cops, Soldiers, Gangsters, and even Jihadists!
- Serial Killers
- A Mad Scientist
- Some hidden bosses
- Bounties
- Bank Notes
- Gods

And so much more! Cant wait to see you there!

Special Thanks To:

Satina - A great help with the server and an awesome friend.

Alitheduck - Always happy and full of energy, always lightens the mood.

RespenTM - Helped with a lot of testing! Took all the abuse we could throw at him!

DexterLSH - Wont shut up about even the smallest server problems! Makes bug testing a breeze!

Essentials, Dynmap, Drugs, Guns, Cars, Planes, Helicopters, Bank Robberies, Gas Station Robberies