Gucci Farms 1.12.2

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Server Background

This server is a Farmville in minecraft server as you can tell. Many of you may be confused on why this is the first farming server. The only reason why is because I have owned the title of making a Farmville server in Minecraft server for 11 months when the post was originally made. This is the third instance of this server. I wish to make this the best, and most amazing instance and hope that this will be the long lasting one. The other servers went down for these reasons: 1.8 update coming out ruining server players and plugins and such, moneynot having enough money to support the server, and finally schoolI had to balance a server and school at the same time. But this server I promise you will be the best server that I have ever made.

Server Basics

When you spawn into the world of Gucci Farms, you will be presented with a rules board. After your read that board make your way down stairs and then take a look at the spawn. To your left is the market and down the street is a DP area, and to your right in the water mill house is the enchant room. Once you take a nice look at everything
do: /warp Farmland
Once you do that do: /plotme auto

Create a 2x2 dirthw hole in the ground and make an infinite water source, then create a cobble generator. From there vote for the server and recieve insane voting rewards and continue onto farm. Once you finish this
do: /warp Market
and once you have enough money
do: /rankup