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Smart Survival
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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: smartsurvival.sknd.host

Three Worlds Collided, The Original Smart Survival was Destroyed in the process, seven remnants of the original worlds left floating through space.
Hank, Reginald, Davy and Wilfred managed to survive the ordeal and with their supplies began rebuilding, with the help of some survivors from another world
With the help of a Dryad and some Steampunks built a portal to a new universe. Hank, Reginald, Davy and Wilfred were the first to enter the new world.
Akio and Rina followed soon after a few days before you arrived in the Sanctuary.
This is where you begin your journey, talk to the Dryad in the main area, she will teleport you to a random place in the new world.

Welcome to Season 2 of Smart Survival

Things from 1.14 that weve kept:

All Ranks have been transferred to the new server
Vote Rewards
All Permission Rewards from Votes like /warp ft and extra homes have been kept

1.15 Changes and Additions:



Kichijoten, A local cook and alchemist. Shell gladly sell you food and alchemy ingredients.
Aurel, A local plant and animal enthusiast, shell gladly sell you dyes, horse Armor and crops
Lance, A fisherman and diver who loves collecting all sorts of things from the ocean depths, Hell even sell you a signature fishing rod
Yuu, an old dojo master who still knows a few things in the art of combat, hell gladly train you in any combat McMMo
Akio, A Mysterious old man who loves to explore mysterious places and buildings, He always has special equipment available. Currently hes on a trip and will come back after The End has been conquered
Rina, A young girl who likes to sell special items cheap sadly she stuck on an island
Banker John, The last npc and arguably the most important hell trade 1 Golden Coin for 2 Diamonds, is you trade in 64 Diamonds hell give you a total of 40 Golden Coins, Golden Coins are used to trade with the other NPCs, Eventually there will be other ways to earn coins either though quest, boss fights and events
Jim, Tells the player to get an elytra to access the house on the island
Kiu, Explains the whereabouts of Akio
Dan, Explains a bit about our new monthly events
Old King, Gives some generic lore for the spawn
Lyra, The dryad near the Random Teleport Sign
We may see Hank, Reginald, Davy and Wilfred sometime down the track as event merchants

New Plugins:
- CitizensText and Denizen
Upcoming Updates:

Custom Resourcepack

Custom Datapacks
Custom Recipes
NPC Quest

Nether Hub

Custom End Island

Trading Room / Plugin


3 Month Rotation:
First Month - A Ship arrives that will host a new trader every month where players can exchange items for coins and buy certain items cheaper
Second Month - A Ship arrives that will take players to a Dungeon where they can earn coins
Third Month - A Ship arrives that will take players to a Island where they can earn limited time items and participate in events
Every Month:
Dragon Fights, Towards the end of each month there will be a server hosted Dragon Fight, where all players online can earn Golden Coins depending on how fast the Dragon is Killed, The faster its killed the more coins everyone recieves
April Fools
Server Anniversary
Valentines Day

I hope you enjoy your time playing on the server~

Useful Links:
Our website: smartsurvival.enjin.com/
Discord invite link: discordapp.com/invite/5M4tVAN
Staff application form: forms.gle/eQY8k8wcRpyxt7GJ7

EssentialsX, Votifier, Luckperms, MCMMO, Worldguard, CoreProtect, BattleArena, Qi