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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: moderncraft.gamename.net:26303

Survival server that allows players to earn many different powerful commands by simply joining one of 10 different in game jobs! The jobs are as follows: Assassin, Vampire, Blacksmith, Dwarf, Lumberjack, Wizard, Farmer, Elf, Siren and Pirate!

Protection zones allow flying and much more. Some of the earned abilities include keeping your inventory upon death, /jump, /heal, /vanish, /back, /hat, and many more! Players start with one free protection zone.

Players earn in game money from time played online, selling items inside their job menu and also players are allowed to own player made stores at the server spawn! Some of the jobs allow players to catch different mobs and we also use the chairs plugin that allow players to use slabs, stairs and carpet as chairs!

We also have a bounty system that allows players to place in game money bounties on the heads of other players! Tnt is also allowed! We have a well established discord that allows players to use ingame chat while in discord!

Our server and discord staff are available around the clock and operate from many different time zones to help offer the best server support possible! Join today!!

essentials, worldgaurd, bountyhunters, chestcommands, chestshop, discordsrv, eggcatcher, farmassist, groupmanager, mobhunt, protectionstones, rfchairs, serversigns, timeismoney, treegravity, trophyheads,