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Hi, this is a relaxed survival server, I created this with simplicity in mind. Theres no excessive or annoying plugins, no ranks, or no huge flashy spawn. I would like this server to be a fun experience so if you have any feedback or features you would like to be added within reason please feel free to ask! PvP is enabled throughout the world, but you are safe within claims. Claim your land to protect your things because anything out of your claims is free game! You can get more claim blocks by being online. Explore from the spawn point or use /rtp to teleport to a random location!
Server features:
Essentials - for player commands and accessibility
Grief Prevention - claim land to protect your work
Old Combat - attack cooldown is disabled
ClearLag - to help reduce server lag for players
World Border - to help reduce server lag by preventing an enormous map
Random TP - you can teleport to a random location to get started
No phantoms - phantoms are disabled
Silk spawners - You can mine spawners with silk touch or craft them with a mob egg