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Old-school inspired 1.8.8 server with a very new community and tons of freebies and perks! Both English speaking and Portuguese. Enjoy a plethora of nostalgic features and plugins, including a flexible and fun crate system, vintage sign shops and more! Cheap VIP solutions make gaining the extra step in your WalterFactions experience a smooth and fun process. We strive for balance and community feedback, which means that we are always open for constructive criticism! To be in contact with everyone and with the admins and moderators, join our Discord server! https://discord.gg/WyP5bDh

LegacyFactions, AConomy, CratesPlus, EasySetSpawn, MasterWarp, GUIShop, SignShop, BetterRTP, LoginSecurity, SilkSpawners, JustTPA, WorldEdit, WorldGuard