Community Craft 1.14.4

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This is a small community server based on the vanilla aspect of Minecraft but with a twist. We have basic plugins like /home, and /tpa to make it easier. We keep it small so people can play Minecraft while having a community to make it fun. We do not have any patron what so ever. We have mods on to help you out in case you need it.

We have basic server rules: · No griefing · Respect the staff · No hacking · No DDOS

We have anti grief plugins incase something does happen we can make it right! We believe Minecraft should be fun for all and no one person should ruin it. We hold people responsible for their actions to keep it fair.

Our current ranks are New Player Gray, Member Gold, Moderator Cyan, SupermodRed, and AdminPurple

We are also adding a minigame plugin for infection, arena, etc! You can also build your own with the new Builder rank green.

When you first join the server, you will join as a New Player, after you play for about three days, you will be promoted to member. Newplayers can have one home set, with /sethome and get back to it with /home. Although new players can’t claim, a moderator will be happy to do so for you. When you hit member, you have very little restrictions. You can have 5 home sets, you can claim your own land by yourself, and more!