BearCraft 1.15.2

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BearCraft [SMP][Semi-Vanilla] {1.14.4}

New 8/24 Mostly Vanilla Server hosted by Hermitcraft Fanboys

My son and I have been playing on servers for a long time and decided to start our own. Looking for active, decent people to join and build.


No racist, sexist, hateful comments

No griefing or stealing from other players

No excessive vulgarity

No begging

Be nice

DeadChest: Upon death, your stuff will be saved in a box for 3 hours.
EssentialsX: For better chat and some server management.
FarmProtect: Farmland wont be wrecked from running or jumping.
FastLeafDecay: Self explanitory.
LuckPerms: So I can manage all you hooligans.
SilkSpawners: Mine mob spawners if you have silk touch.

AFK Display
Anti Enderman Grief
Customizable Armor Stands
Double Shulker Shells
Dragon Drops Elytra
More Mob Heads
Multiplayer Sleep
Silence Mobs
Track Statistics


Deadchest GetSpawnersTwo FastLeafDecay