SummitCraft 9.9.9

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Gameplay: Survival, Paper Plugins, Spleef, Mob Arena, Casino, Ranks, PvP

Deion: Its a small server thats still being built and will continue to be built for a long time. We are focusing more on content and events, i.e everyone vs admins wed be on survival w/o god mode. Some of the things we have, Mob arena, PvP, homes, and ranks! Additions on the way are Paintball, and Castle CTF, we had these on our old server and can do it again however we need time to set it up!

Rules: We ask that you are respectful to the other players on the server remember there could be children, although we dont give them any special rights they have to just as respectful. No hacking, however destroying peoples places is part of a PVP server if you dont want someone to destroy it then hide it or ask one of the Admins to protect it for you alternatively you can donate to protect it yourself but we dont want to pressure you into paying.

Admins: Jack7797, Mojo4433, Daysonsc, Juicebox323, and Originalogan. We do want to make this as much fun for you guys as possible so please ask us if you have questions or problems.

Thats all, have fun and please, dont hesitate to ask us about anything.

Additional Notes
We are just about having fun. Its just our small team but we are dedicated and will try to work against our schedules to be on to help you guys with any questions or concerns.

luckperms, essentials, blackjack, worldedit, multiverse, citizens, vault, and more!