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Server IP - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play: conquestia.xyz:25571

Welcome to Conquestia.xyz. REAL EARTH MAP [12000x18000] blocks- real countries. PVP. Custom Enchantments are now available!
Custom Factions - Wars - Custom Enchantments - Geopolitical - Crates - Free ranks and more!
Factions mode now has Crates, Auction House and more! Check it out!
New Dynmap on Factions with custom colors for your factions!
Mobs will now stack when spawned by spawners!
You can now withdraw money to paper notes using /withdraw!
BeastCore Added! Crop Mob Hoppers are now available in /kits!
You can now stack spawners for easy mob spawners!
Mob Arena added!
Use Voidchests to automatically sell your items!
Custom Enchantments now available.
- Use /warp market to buy them!
- You can now also purchase legendary items from a vendor!
- You can now purchase items with higher than vanilla level enchantments!
PvP Events have been added to the end!
- 5 Rarities spawners added!
- Crate events in the END added! Every hour!
- Legendary Item Crate, Mythical Crate, Vote Crate and Spawner Crate now available!
- Use Conquest Coins to purchase Custom Enchantments!
- Voting awards you with Keys and rank progression!
- You can now quickly purchase building blocks using the /shop command!
- Creeper, Iron Golem, and Squid spawner now available!
- Use the /tutorial command to get started!
- Read more about features on the server website using /website!
- Compete against your friends and foes in endless parkour using /parkour!
- At the end of every week the top players in the /parkour wins a ton of exclusive prices!
- Buy custom kits and commands using /conquestmarket!
- Use /trade for safe trades! /trade supports all items - even those with custom enchantments!
- Envoy events in the /end! Get keys, ranks, money and more!
Sell wands!
Lock spawners using silk touch pickaxes!
RPG World with Custom Mobs!
Custom leveling system
- Level up in farming!
- Mining!
- Woodcutting!
- Herbalism!
- Axes!
- Swords!
- Excavation!
- Archery!
- Craftmanship!
Unique RPG levelling system!
Create trade paths between countries!
- Create standing trades between country borders!
Massive world wars every weekened!

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